Driving Instructor or lessons in Tooting

Yeuton teaches in a Manual car providing Driving lessons in Clapham.Mitcham and Wimbledon.

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Age: 50’s

Car: Peugot 208

Experience: 30+ years driving

Hobbies: Playing and watching cricket

Languages: English

Qualities: Friendly, Patient, easy to get on with.







Driving lessons DaytimeOur daytime rates cover lessons starting before 5pm (1700) on weekdays. Evening & WeekendOur Evening/Weekend rates apply to any lessons starting at 5pm (or later) and at any times on weekends or Bank Holidays.
1st Lesson 975
10 Lessons
6 Week course An Ideal beginners course - 2/3 lessons per week over a period of 6-9 weeks (depending on the test lead times in your area).
We book your theory test for you at the start so that you are studying alongside taking driving lessons. This course can be designed as a beginners course but we do recommend booking an assessment lesson first to get an accurate idea of how many lessons you will actually need.
The course cost includes:
- Your theory test
- Your Practical Driving Test for a weekday test
- 16 one hour lessons - booked daytime or evening
- Your pre-test lesson & use of our car on test
The advantage of this course is that we have the time for other lessons if needed before your test.
Pass Plus courseHighlight the Pass Plus Logo for full details
Intensive courses Intensive/ Crash courses - normally 5 hours per day & can be run over 2, 3, or 5 days.
The 5 day course is one week long start Monday finish Friday & we book your test for the following week, 2 & 3 day courses are similar where we try to book your test on the day following the course.
These courses are ideal for anyone that needs to pass quickly.
DaytimeOur daytime rates cover lessons starting before 5pm (1700) on weekdays. Evening & WeekendOur Evening/Weekend rates apply to any lessons starting at 5pm (or later) and at any times on weekends or Bank Holidays.
5 hour£213.99
10 hour
15 hour
20 hour
25 hour
30 hour
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Rachelle with Driving test pass certificateRachelle: ”Yeuton is such a great driving instructor. I would absolutely recommend him again. He is definitely an expert and knowledgeable with all of the scope of safe driving. He always reminds me of my driving faults and action that straight away. He is Very easy and professional to work with. He didn't give me any moment to feel uncomfortable and helped me gain my confidence on the road. He has this unlimited amount of patience and I could say that he loves his job pretty well. Yeuton is indeed a 1st class!!! ”

Serena with Driving test pass certificateSerena: ”Yeuton was a really great instructor, always patient and encouraging and always had something funny to say while I was learning something new. He turned a daunting learning experience in the middle of a difficult pandemic, into a really positive time. I'm so grateful for everything he taught me, there was no better feeling than passing my test! ”

Darrell with Driving test pass certificateDarrell: ”Yeuton is a good instructors helpful and never let you down and will make sure you pass your test ”

Seren with Driving test pass certificateSeren: ”Yeuton was a very professional and friendly driving instructor. He was very thorough and was easy to get along with. I felt very comfortable and gained confidence quickly with Yeuton as my instructor. I was able to ask any questions as Yeuton is very knowledge. Yeuton was also very reliable and flexible, he was able to fit me in at short notice and in the evenings around my work schedule. I'm happy to say I passed first time and would definitely recommend Yeuton and 1st class driving school to anyone who is looking to learn to drive. ”

Mariann with Driving test pass certificateMarianna: ”Yeuton is such a friendly and patient instructor! He never once got frustrated or patronising during our lessons. I am so thankful that I had him as my driving instructor and I managed to pass with him. I would definitely recommend! ”

Thomas with Driving test pass certificateThomas: ” Thanks a lot for helping me learn to drive, Yeuton was a very patient, diligent and friendly instructor. We had lots of fun while learning and it really put me at ease. He also has an incredible memory for details of your previous drives and tests, helping to remind you where you need to improve. Would highly recommend to others learning in South London. ”

Barry: ”Great driving instructor, had 12 lessons and passed in my mini”

Omar with Driving test pass certificateOmar with pass certificate

Marianna1 with Driving test pass certificateMarianna with pass certificate

Jarvis with Driving test pass certificateJarvis with pass certificate

Rickye with Driving test pass certificateRickye passed with Yeuton

Ubaid with Driving test pass certificateUbaid passed with Yeuton

Nava with Driving test pass certificateNava passed with Yeuton

Efua with Driving test pass certificateEfua passed with Yeuton

Mohamed with Driving test pass certificateMohamed passed with Yeuton

Rhiannon with Driving test pass certificateRhiannon passed with Yeuton

Sophia with Driving test pass certificateSophia passed with Yeuton

Damion with Driving test pass certificateDamion passed with Yeuton

Razia with Driving test pass certificateRazia passed with Yeuton

Sivanthini with Driving test pass certificateSivanthini passed with Yeuton

 with Driving test pass certificateCharles passed with Yeuton

Daniel with Driving test pass certificateDaniel passed with Yueton

Gowsiya with Driving test pass certificateGowsiya passed with Yeuton

Nikeisha with Driving test pass certificateNikeisha passed with Yeuton

Patrycja with Driving test pass certificatePatrycja passed with Yeuton

Igor with Driving test pass certificateIgor passed with Yeuton

Morenike with Driving test pass certificateMorenike passed with Yeuton