Driving Instructor in North London

SteveB teaches in a Manual car providing Driving lessons in Finchley, Camden and Brent areas.

SteveB North London Driving Instructor

Age: 40’s

Car: Citroen C3 Aircross petrol.

Experience: 20+ years driving

Personal Profile: Professional, punctual, talkative and laid-back.

Mill Hill

Friern Barnet


Golders Green







Driving lessons DaytimeOur daytime rates cover lessons starting before 5pm (1700) on weekdays. Evening & WeekendOur Evening/Weekend rates apply to any lessons starting at 5pm (or later) and at any times on weekends or Bank Holidays.
1st Lesson 5140


10 Lessons
Test £82 £86
6 Week course An Ideal beginners course - 2/3 lessons per week over a period of 6-9 weeks (depending on the test lead times in your area).
We book your theory test for you at the start so that you are studying alongside taking driving lessons. This course can be designed as a beginners course but we do recommend booking an assessment lesson first to get an accurate idea of how many lessons you will actually need.
The course cost includes:
- Your theory test
- Your Practical Driving Test for a weekday test
- 16 one hour lessons - booked daytime or evening
- Your pre-test lesson & use of our car on test
The advantage of this course is that we have the time for other lessons if needed before your test.
Pass Plus courseHighlight the Pass Plus Logo for full details £200
Intensive courses Intensive/ Crash courses - normally 5 hours per day & can be run over 2, 3, or 5 days.
The 5 day course is one week long start Monday finish Friday & we book your test for the following week, 2 & 3 day courses are similar where we try to book your test on the day following the course.
These courses are ideal for anyone that needs to pass quickly.
DaytimeOur daytime rates cover lessons starting before 5pm (1700) on weekdays. Evening & WeekendOur Evening/Weekend rates apply to any lessons starting at 5pm (or later) and at any times on weekends or Bank Holidays.
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SteveB London area

Jordan: ”: : I would strongly recommend new learners and existing learners to use Steve, as I would say he is the best at what he does. Steve will give you the motivation, confidence and guidance to become an excellent and safe driver and help you pass your test with ease which I did 1st time. I would say when you have Steve as an instructor all you need to do is put your trust in him and he will help you become the safe driver you want and need to be. ”

Ashley: ”: I believe Steve is the best instructor a learner driver could ever come across. This is because Steve is very practical and patient in his teaching proving to be vital and useful when learning how to drive. Steve also ensures comfort in the student when learning making it a great in environment when driving, which enabled me to learn and pass my driving test 1st time ”

Ilia: ”I learnt driving with Steve and it was great, very nice instructor that informs you thoroughly whenever you do a mistake, extremely attentive and I did 35 hours and passed first time with 1 minor, would strongly recommend" ”

Charlotte: ”Steve is passionate about driving and passionate about putting good drivers on the road. You need someone like that to teach you. I feel privileged to have had him as my instructor, and thanks to Steve I passed first time! ”

Kyle: ”First I must say that I have had a absolute pleasure of learning with 1st Class and even more with Steve, in regards to the experience learning it was very easy everything was explained in great detail and Steve made sure I understood everything in the best way possible. He had the up most confidence in me before I did and which make his efforts to help me realize it was amazing. The best instructor I have ever had. ”

Arlene: ”Amazing instructors. Gives instructions clearly. Very reliable and efficient. Excellent in what he do as a teacher and motivates his student. ”

Subena: ”Over the years I’ve had many instructors. I can say by far Steve b has been the best instructor. Always laughter durin lessons but also makes it fun! Learning with Steve was the best, and I would highly recommend doing your lessons with him. Such a happy man, and doesn’t stress you out or make you feel under pressure. Gave me loads of confidence in myself although I would worry! But thanks to an amazing instructor I am glad I passed! Thanks so much! ”

Luke: ”The fact that I passed I still see as a miracle, after three years and 3 instructors I finally found Steve. It's down to him that I passed in six months. He must be one of the best instructors out there. Cheers Steve! ”

Hollie: ”I was super nervous to learn how to drive in London and knew I would need someone who had patience and a good sense of humour to put up with me. Steve was amazing I had never driven before and he let me learn at my own pace but pushed me when needed. He supported me through my frustration and tears and made me a confident, safe driver. I went from a complete novice to passing my test the first time. I was over the moon and can’t recommend Steve highly enough. I actually miss my lessons now, I couldn’t of hoped for a better instructor. ”

Noam: ”I needed to make a UK driving test as my foreign driving license was not valid and I didn't drive for many years. Steve helped me to refresh my driving skills and prepare for the test. ”

Poppie: ”Steve was my third and final driving instructor, he was amazing. He was calm and reassuring and when I made mistakes he would correct me but not let it put a downer on the whole lesson or my mood. I took three tests and every time he just as supportive as the first. We had great conversation and a really good time. 10/10 instructor, will miss our lessons. ”

Conor: ”Steve is a great teacher, very understanding and a good laugh too. Would recommend Steve to anyone in the area starting out new! ”

Malak: ”Had an amazing experience with Steve, he is a great instructor and knows how to teach driving to the students learning level and ability. He is patient and honest and I wouldn't have been able to pass without him. Would highly recommend him as an instructor. Thank you Steve! ”

Stephen: ”Steve is an excellent instructor and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time learning how to drive with him. He is an experienced teacher and this comes across evidently when you sit in the car with him. He adopts a calm but firm teaching approach and instills confidence in your ability to drive, allowing you to feel more comfortable on the road. Importantly, he adapts his teaching and lesson plans to your experience and ability. Yesterday I passed first time at Mill Hill with 3 minors. If you want to pass first time and learn how to be a good driver for life, I highly recommend Steve as an instructor. ”

Marina: ”Steve was the most amazing instructor ever! I had previously done my test and failed with a different instructor and once I found Steve I knew he had to be my instructor. He is so patient and reassuring, explains everything so well and never rushes you. I genuinely became so fond of our lessons and now that I have passed (thanks to Steve) I will miss seeing him. Would and will recommend to everyone, he is a great teacher ”

Hannah with Driving test pass certificateHannah:”Passed my driving test all thanks to the wonderful steve. He's so patient & kind. I would highly recommend him he's such a great instructor. Thanks for everything ”

Rob with Driving test pass certificateRob:”I started my lessons with Steve in March and with his relaxing style of teaching-within four months, I am now a fully qualified driver. I have always found it a bit of a challenge to listen to instructions but he reassured my tendency to ignore by keeping me interested in completing my goal. He is thorough in his technique without being overpowering and confidence-knocking. In such a short space of time, I saw my own progression through his guidance-even now when I drive on the motorway or even down a tight street,I can still remember his lightly-induced knowledge allowing me to be in full control of my vehicle and being aware of my surroundings. Thank you, Steve for the time and effort. Anyone looking to start their lessons with no knowledge of driving should definitely go with Steve as they will probably pass as quickly and confidently as I was able to. ”

Kerri: ”Passed 1st time at barnet thanks to Steve's patience and encouragement. Never thought I would be able to drive due to lack of confidence and nerves. Steve was very good at helping to build my confidence and ability to drive. Highly recommended Steve as an instructor, he is patient, funny, punctual and reliable. ”

Serx with Driving test pass certificateSerx:”Passed 1st time, all thanks to Steve a 1st class driving instructor. His patience, honesty, teaching methods and personality made it a quality experience from start to finish. Thank you. ”

Cassie with Driving test pass certificateCassie:”I asked to have Steve as an instructor after seeing so many good reviews, I do not regret my choice one bit. I have passed first time today and I can’t thank Steve enough for his patience and amazing teaching skills. I have met no one else that has managed to calm my nerves down the way Steve has managed too! Steve truly gets to know you and your learning style, I felt he catered every lesson according to my attitude, mood, nerves, weakness and strengths and I couldn’t imagine using another instructor now. Although I have now passed and am delighted, I am actually disappointed that I do not get to have my weekly catch up and lessons with Steve going forward. If you choose to learn to drive with Steve (and I really think you should) you will have a great time learning with him, he is punctual, he has a great sense of humor, extremely calm, patient and all round great communicator. Steve does go above and beyond for his students and it is really appreciated. I have and will continue to recommend him to my non-driving friends. Steve, again thank you. I hope to see you on the roads around Mill Hill soon!”

Nick with Driving test pass certificateNick:” I passed my test 1st time with 2 minors today at Mill Hill all thanks to Steve and his patient teaching. He was always on time and taught me not how to pass the test but to be a safe driver! Steve was always on time and never missed a lesson we had booked. The major thing is Steve knows how to calm your nerves and no question however silly is left answered with him. Lastly I would like to thank Steve for having patience with me and telling me to book my test as I was test ready. Steve is funny and will always get the best out of you so don't hesitate to bookcase a lesson with him! ”

Nick: ”Steve is a great driving instructor who helped me pass first time with 4 minors in Mill Hill, which I could've never dreamed of. I had one session with a different driving instructor prior to Steve, who knocked my confidence and told me I would be better off doing automatic. I left him and found Steve, who made me feel comfortable and safe behind the wheel. He is friendly with a great sense of humour and always professional. He was always a few minutes early and never wasted my time during the hours I paid for, which I've heard other driving instructors do. Another thing I really appreciate about Steve, is that he doesn't advise you to go for your test unless he believes that you're ready. I will miss Steve and my driving lessons! Thank you Steve ”

Sadaf: ”I would like to thank Steve for helping me pass my driving test. He is an amazing instructor, knowledgeable, punctual, friendly, motivating, and the list of good features goes on. Every single lesson with him was full of fun and laughter and positive energies. I lacked confidence in the beginning and I can't thank him enough for all his efforts to make me believe in myself and my abilities. I highly recommend him if you are looking for an instructor! ”

Sudheep with Driving test pass certificateSudheep:”Steve is a brilliant driving instructor with an excellent sense of humour! Never one to shout at you for your mistakes, I found the experience of learning to drive a car thoroughly enjoyable with him as my instructor. His advice was always of the highest standard, and he made passing my test far easier than I would have ever expected. I would absolutely recommend him to any learner driver in need of lessons. ”

Jasmine with Driving test pass certificateJasmine: ”Steve is an excellent driving instructor. He is so encouraging and he always boosted my confidence when I felt nervous. He has brilliant techniques and tips and I know I couldn't have passed my test (with so few minors!) without him. I would highly recommend Steve! ”

Tony: ”I would like to thank Steve for all his patients with me, I couldn't of done this without him his is a very passionate driving instructor and is good at his job. His extremely easy to get along with and will always welcome you every time he sees you. He is very friendly and you are always going to have a fun and productive driving lesson. I passed first time with Steve at Hendon test centre and if it wasn't for all his hard work and support I wouldn't have my driving licence today thankyou Steve. ”

Tayla with Driving test pass certificateTayla: ”I would like to thank Steve so much for helping me pass my test, I honestly wouldn't of done it without him. He is an amazing driving instructor very patient and always on time for your lessons. His company is great very warming and guaranteed to do very well. No matter how much experience you have had he will boost your confidence in no time. When I started with Steve I had no experiences and now I have a licence. I honestly can't thank him enough for all his super hard work and support. ”

Rachel: ”I would just like to thank Steve for being the best driving instructor, I couldn't have wished for a better instructor to teach me. We got on so well and I'm going to miss our driving lessons. I would highly recommend him. Thanks again Steve. ”

Geraldine with Driving test pass certificateGeraldine: ”I passed my test this morning at mill hill and had Steve as my instructor and couldn't have done it without him and wanted to write a testimonial so others knew just how useful he is as an instructor. Professional from the start and throughout, Steve is a punctual and confident instructor who will go through everything necessary to make sure you pass. What helped me most from his teaching was the psychological support as well - Steve makes an effort to calm your nerves and remind you to keep a positive mindset as that is what will allow you to drive to your best ability. Always willing to go the extra mile (pun intended!) there is never a point where you don't feel at ease and there is always perfect communication with him - I can't recommend his teaching enough. Any student that learns with him has the capability to be a safe and impressive driver. I will be forever grateful for the experience he gave me! ”

Truman with Driving test pass certificateTruman: ”Steve was a fantastic driving instructor- I had a lot of issues with confidence and being patient while driving, Steve was patient and helped me overcome them and I eventually passed first time in Mill Hill. He is very supportive and a lot of fun, after a while having lessons felt like going for a drive with one of my friends. He is also very supportive when it comes to other drivers on the road, if anyone tried to bully me on the road, Steve had something to say to them! I can't recommend or thank Steve enough- if you're looking to pass first time, Steve is your man. ”

Nabil with Driving test pass certificateNabil: ”Steve is a fantastic driving instructor and has a good sense of humour. He is very helpful in giving instructions and helping you to improve as lessons go by. I would like to thank him for his time and patience in teaching me and I would highly recommend him as your instructor. He is a fantastic and friendly guy and would help you to achieve your dream of driving! ”

 Walter with Driving test pass certificateWalter:”Thanks Steve for all the help and encouragement to pass my test. It has been an education and a lot of fun. Looking forward to taking Pass Plus soon. ”

Jason with Driving test pass certificateJason: ”I would like to start of by thanking Steve for his time, effort and professionalism! Steve is friendly and talkative. He will guide you through your learning and only put you forward for your test when he feels you are ready. I passed 1st time with one minor, this is thanks to Steve guidance and patience. I would recommend Steve to anyone wanting to learn to drive or taking a refresher course!! ”

Joanna: ”I'm so happy I've just passed 1st time with Steve B, he is an amazing attentive, patient instructor. I felt very comfortable with Steve from the get go, he was very flexible with my hours and pleasure to drive with. I highly recommend first class driving school! Thanks again Steve! ”

Hoda with Driving test pass certificateHoda: ”I passed my test first time and couldn't be more happy!!! I'm very thankful to Steve for being such a great instructor and helping me build my confidence throughout my lessons as I started as a very nervous total beginner. Steve is a perfectionist and will teach you the skills needed to being a safe driver for life with fun and informative lessons. He gave instant feedback at the end of every lesson and lessons plans to move forward with positive encouragement. I will really miss lessons! Thanks again Steve! ”

Noor: ”I have been recommended to Steve by two friends who have passed with him from the first time, I have booked Steve after being failed by my previous instructor who over slept and made me miss my test! Steve was very positive, patient and supportive throughout my lessons up until today, when I passed my test at first attempt! I would definitely recommend Steve if you like me want to pass first time! My sister will definitely be his next student! ”

Sumit with Driving test pass certificateSumit: ”Always punctual, very patient and fun lessons. I would recommend Steve to anybody starting driving or those wishing to gain further experience on road. Steve takes time understanding your strengths and areas for improvement. He then delivers safe and knowledgable lessons that build your driving experiences. ”

Jenny with Driving test pass certificateJenny: ”I just passed my test this week and I am over the moon although a little sad that I won't be having lessons with Steve anymore! Steve has been an amazing instructor! He was always very organised, discussing and planning for the next lesson. He was extremely patient with me and made sure I got the most out of every lesson. When I first started with Steve I had no confidence at all and never thought I could get past driving on the quiet roads. Steve quickly helped to build my confidence and had me out driving on the busier roads in no time. Steve not only helped me to learn to drive but also how to be a safe driver. Although Steve would be strict on me at times, he would always find a way to make the lessons fun and we had lots of laughs along the way, this also helped me to relax while driving. I would throughly recommend Steve to anyone who wants an experienced and dedicated instructor who will help you become a safe and confident driver. Steve genuinely cares about his students and is very passionate about his role as an instructor. Book Steve today, you won't be disappointed! ”

Patrice: ”Steve is an awesome teacher, he is clam and patient. His experience of teaching people to drive became apparent during my first lesson . He tailored all my lessons to suit how I learn . I have just passed first time and could not recommend him more. He is flexible and uses a range of teaching styles. He was always happy to answer my questions. ”

Lillie with Driving test pass certificate

Lillie: ”I passed my test at Hendon test centre in less than a year. Steve was a great instructor as he was very calm, laidback and had a great sense of humour which made me feel very comfortable. Steve helped me get my confidence up when driving by giving me the best advice on ways to remain calm and in control. He also helped me with the few bad driving habits which I had by creating easy solutions. I would highly recommend Steve if you're looking to enjoy learning how to drive with a pass. Thank you again Steve! ”

Sam with Driving test pass certificateSam: ”Steve is certainly an accomplished instructor and it was a joy to be his student. Always patient and good-humoured, he was also great in suggesting intelligent solutions for all my concerns and bad habits, instantly boosting my confidence on the road. My few months with Steve were thoroughly positive - it was evident how much he cares for his students, something I personally really appreciated. Thanks again Steve, I couldn't recommend you highly enough”

Akinyi: ”Words can't describe my gratitude towards Steve. He never once lost faith in me and my abilities which is what I needed most whilst learning. Friendly, funny and patient, he is an amazing instructor and I would definitely recommend him. Thank you Steve and all the best! ”

Sarah: ”Never thought learning how to drive could be this much fun!!! Pass my driving test first time around, thanks to Steve. As a learner you would appreciate your instructor to be extremely calm, patient and honest, and if they can make the journey more enjoyable that's a bonus, with Steve this is what you get and more...He gave me the confidence that I needed to take control after only few lessons. I definitely recommend Him.Thank you again Steve! ”

Sharjeel: ”Steve was a great instructor who inspired his confidence and knowledge into you. When in the car I always felt in control and safe. Steve was friendly and patient and all of these qualities help me to pass my test first time. Thanks Steve. ”

Rhieme: ”Steve is a great, reliable and patient instructor. Before I started with him, I was lacking confidence in driving; however after a few lessons I felt my confidence come back and driving more enjoyable. I would highly recommend Steve to any one wanting to learn how to drive properly. I am so happy to have passed and I know it is because of his guidance and teaching. Thanks Steve. ”

Emily: ”Just passed my test today with no minors. Steve has been a great instructor helping me with my weaknesses and making me believe in myself and stay calm. He is a great instructor with a good sense of humour . Thank you Steve !! ”

Dan: ”I went through a number of driving instructors and schools until I met Steve, Once I had one lesson with him I knew he would get me through to my test. His best feature is his punctuality and never being late to my lessons. Although he can be strict at times he is a kind, friendly, talkative guy that will get you to pass first time! Thanks Steve!!! ”

Andrew with Driving test pass certificateAndrrew: ”Steve is a great driving instructor. Reliable and friendly, but also strict at times! He'll have you ready for your test in no time with his no-nonsense, relaxed style. Thanks Steve! ”

Cristian: ”After driving for many years in other countries I had to obtain my UK licence and I contacted Steve for my initial assessment. After only a few minutes we got along very well. He is not only an incredibly experienced driving instructor but also his delivery style is super friendly, he is very clear and consice with the instructions and feedback as well. Even if I have been driving for a long time he was spot on in teaching me the particular differences of the UK driving style and after a few lessons I was able to pass the driving test at the first attempt. I would highly recommend Steve if you want to learn to drive from scratch or if you are an experienced driver and need to polishing your driving style for taking the driving test. He created the right environment for learning and to make each lesson a very enjoyable experience! I would not hesitate in recommending Steve to my friends and colleagues. Thank you very much Steve! ”

Ashley: ”Passed my test with Steve, had an amazing driving experience don't think I would be able to pass with only 2 minors without him. He's very calm, fun and laid back but at the same time pushes you so you can achieve the best. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants quality driving lessons.”

Chyna with Driving test pass certificateChyna: ”I just passed first time last week at Mill Hill, and I can honestly say it's 100% down to Steve's expert instructing. I was learning with BSM before and even though I got along with my instructor, I found his teaching style too technical - he was teaching me how to pass the test instead of how to drive. Steve managed to do BOTH in what was a massively enjoyable few months. He's so friendly, understanding and reassuring that I found myself looking forward to my lessons and I felt more experienced with each one I did. Steve, you are an absolute legend and I'm almost gutted I won't need lessons from you anymore! If you're a potential student reading this - don't hesitate and book with him now! It's the best thing you'll ever do . ”

Justyna with Driving test pass certificateJustyna: ”I would like to thank you Steve for your professional teaching,for your patience and very nice atmosphere on the lessons. I couldn't have any better instructor then you Steve and pass my driving test yesterday thanks to you. I recommend Steve for absolutely everyone who want to have a very good and funny instructor! Anyway all comments here says everything. All the best for you Steve. ”

Rosni with Driving test pass certificateRoshni: ”Best instructor ever! He is calm and patient with you which makes you feel confident in the drivers seat! He is also a perfectionist and teaches you with the easiest methods to remember. Having had a few instructors before Steve I can honestly not fault him! Roshni ”

Yanti with Driving test pass certificateYanti: ”I've just passed with Steve. He was very patient with me. I was a very nervous pupil but Steve gave me lots of encouragement and praise so I could feel confident. I am so thrilled to have passed and would highly recommend him. Thank you Steve. ”

 Uraine with Driving test pass certificateUraine Mudiliyar: ”Steve is the best instructor that I've ever had. His teaching techniques are really good. I'm so pleased that I got him as my instructor and passed ! ”

Sophie with Driving test pass certificateSophie: ”Steve was an amazing instructor! He was so good at picking up on everything that I needed to improve on so I was ready for my test, and I passed today! Thanks Steve! ”

 Stephanie with Driving test pass certificateStephanie: ”Steve has been the best instructer I have ever trained with by far. He is funny and makes the lesson so much fun. He is fair and makes sure you get your money's worth. I am so happy that I have passed and I could never have had a better instructor so thanks Steve. ”

 Dorothy with Driving test pass certificateDorothy Dolan: ”Thank you Steve for helping me prepare and pass the driving test. To anyone contemplating taking driving lessons, I would strongly recommend you pick Steve as your driving instructor. He conducts his lessons in a very patient, stern, professional, knowledgeable and fun manner. There was never a dull moment nor a day ending so badly that I felt like giving up. Thank you very much Steve and take care. Dorothy ”

 Akiva with Driving test pass certificateAkiva: ”Steve was a great instructor thanks to him I passed with no minors, he was always very helpful and very reassuring and did everything to help me become a confident driver. Thanks Steve ”

Ashley with Driving test pass certificateAshley Shemirani: ”If you want to pass first time then I would suggest you to have Steve as your driving instructor its as simple as that. Thank you Steve for all your help. ”

Megan with Driving test pass certificateMegan: ”My sister recommended Steve to me after really enjoying her driving lessons with him, so I booked my first lesson and two months later I passed first time at Hendon! Steve is very friendly and easy to get along with, which made me much more confident and relaxed while driving. I had no driving experience before hand, but Steve is very patient and makes sure you practice the things you feel least confident about. I was very happy with the quality of driving lessons and the price, and will continue to recomend Steve to my friends! ”

Anna with Driving test pass certificateAnna: ”I would recommend Steve to everyone. I moved to a different area while taking my lessons and was happy to take the tube back to north London every week just so that I could keep having lessons with him. I'd swapped to him from another instructor so could really appreciate how hard it is to find an instructor as good as Steve - he makes driving fun and relaxing while also ensuring that you're learning all the skills you'll need to be an excellent driver - and pass your test! The only down side to passing is that I won't be able to have lessons with Steve anymore! Thank you! ”

Sergio: ”Steve has been an extraordinary instructor. I went from zero experience to being a confident driver thanks to him. He is passionate about teaching, absolutely enjoys it and makes every lesson interesting. He pushed me to learn and become a good driver, not only to pass the test, but more importantly to be safe and effective on the road. I'm happy that I chose him as my driving instructor and I would highly recommend him. ”

Lucia: ”Thank you Steve!!! I passed at Barnet and had no confidence but Steve helped me pass after only a few weeks!!! He has such faith and confidence in his students and is very passionate about his job which absolutely shows. I have already recommended him to friends and will continue to do so!! Thanks again Steve!!! ”

Ryan with Driving test pass certificateRyan: ”Firstly I would like to say that Steve is a very calm and patient instructor who made me feel relaxed and at ease from the first lesson.he was very thorough and helped build up my confidence on the road, it took me less than 6 months from start to finish under Steves instruction, all in all a true gentleman, all round good guy and excellent instructor, very highly recommended. ”

Kai Poon: ”Accck! So many different companies, driving instructors and deals out there! Which do I choose? As a student, I dedicated a fair amount of time searching online for the right instructor. When it comes to learning things for the first time, having an instructor who is patient and provides positive feedback is essential. You hear stories from friends about their super critical instructors, and how they are no longer that keen on driving. Thankfully that never happened to me, given that one of Steve's motto is to relax and enjoy learning how to drive. During my time with Steve, I can happily say that I looked forward to each lesson as an opportunity to improve my skills. Not only is Steve laid back, funny and considerate of his students. He's also a brilliant instructor as represented by his green ADI badge and the fact that he's been in the business for more than 20 years. You can be sure that you won't be spending countless of lessons repeating the same thing for no reason and feeling like you aren't progressing anywhere, given that Steve actually cares a lot about how his students are doing. I came to Steve because of all the positive feedbacks and am happy to add my own now. He definitely deserves every single praise on this page. Thank you Steve! ”

Chloé: ”My big problem is lack of confidence and Steve B.’s friendly manner helped me a lot. He was always encouraging, making me repeat things patiently until I got it right. He is also very reliable with admin stuff and always punctual. I heartily recommend him. ”

Shane with Driving test pass certificateShane: ”Steve helped me pass my test after I had previously failed with Red driving school and only after having about 8hours of lesson with Steve I passed with only 2 minors. I would definately recommend him as he's funny and makes you feel relaxed when driving but knows when to be serious and teaches you correctly and doesn't try to take short cuts. Everyone use STEVE he's one of the best!!”

Niamh: ”Big thank you to Steve in helping me to pass my test. Being a particularly nervous driver Steve helped me build up my confidence, then gave me the push I needed to pass. Steve is a very confident instructor, after the first lesson, I knew that I would get my licence with the help of Steve. ”

Luul with Driving test pass certificateLuul Ali: ”I would like to say a massive thank you to SteveB for teaching me everything I know about driving and believing in me. I managed to pass my practical test the first time around a week ago and it's all down to my amazing instructor. Steve is laid back but yet his teaching methods are second to none. He taught me the required manoeuvres while ensuring i was a safe conscientious driver at all times. He also gave me instant feedback at the end of each lesson and we always planned our lessons in advance. Steve truly cares about his students and if you put in the hard work then you will pass the first time just like i did. Steve is professional at all times, he's reliable, punctual, calm and always there with words of encouragement. I highly recommend SteveB to anyone learning to drive. ”

AjayB: ”Steve is a fantastic instructor, out of the 3 instructors I had Steve was by far the best, he taught me the great importance of safety, anticipation and patience when driving. If you want to pass with safety and confidence then Steve is your man! Thank you 1st class and more importantly thank you Steve!. ”

Carmelia: ”Thank you so much Steve for being such an extraordinary instructor, and first of all, an amazing character. Steve was my third instructor, and i can say he is no.1.He is always happy, reliable, and he knows what he's doing, pick him as your instructor and after a few lessons, you will definitely pass first time, like i did :) Thank you again Steve for being so supportive all the time. ”

Judith: ”Steve was the best instructor I've ever had. He makes you feel very calm and he's a very funny, reliable, and easy going guy. book him you will pass 1st time like me ”

Toyin: ”Well, what can I say about Steve B? Firstly, If you want to pass and drive well, then go with this guy. I can honestly say he is one of the most laid back people I have met whilst learning to drive. Don't be fooled by his laid back approach to teaching you. I can guarantee you a few lessons with Steve B, and you'll be up to speed in no time! I would recommend Steve B to anyone wishing to learn to drive. Thanks Steve! ”

T Odumosu: ”I can honestly say if you want to drive and drive properly, then Steve B is the man for you! I can honestly say his laid back nature shouldn't fool you into thinking he doesn't know what he's doing. Right from when I started my lessons, he knew instantly how many lessons I would need in order to pass in which I did! You have to listen and take on board what he's saying and teaching you in order to drive well and pass first time. Also, he's a down to earth guy who enjoys what he does which makes the driving experience with him even more better. ”

Lucy: ”I recently passed my driving test first time round thanks to Steve's wonderful driving lessons. Steve is not only an amazing instructor who helped me become a confident driver, but a good listener and I thouroughly enjoyed having Steve as my instructor and would recommend him strongly!! He taught me how to be a calm, confident and safe driver and makes his lessons enjoyable ”

Melissa O'Brien: ”I've just passed my test first time after learning in London 'from scratch' with Steve. He is a fantastic driving instrutor, calming my nerves at first and quick to spot and recify mistakes as I became more confident. I also felt he was very honest and realistic about how many lessons I needed, as I had heard horror stories about instructors telling you you aren't ready for a test to squeeze more lessons out of you. As well as passing my test, I feel a confident and safe driver, I would recommend Steve to anyone to anyone learning to drive. Thanks again Steve! ”

Frances Tangye: ”Steve was punctual, professional, patient and organised - I highly recommend him. He gave me the confidence to drive and pass my test quickly. ”

Richard Godwin: ”A friend recommended 1st Class after I failed my first test with BSM. Steve turned out to be everything my previous instructor had not been - he was cheerful, organised, easy-going and filled me with confidence. He advised me that I didn't need too many extra lessons, which struck me as commendably honest, and gave me just a few pointers as to how to improve my driving for the test. I found the whole process pretty enjoyable - and passed with only four minor faults. I would recommend to anyone! ”

Jared F: ” I've tried a few different driving instructors and Steve is without a doubt the best. Don't let his relaxed and friendly personality fool you - he really knows what he's doing, and he'll make sure you do too by the time you take your test. Highly recommended. ”

Jade Serafin: ”I would reccomend Steve B without a second's hesitation. He is a fantastic instructor who taught me the neccessary driving skills to pass my test first time. He also has the patience of a saint. So, do yourself a favour and book your lessons with him now! ”

Nadia Gass: ”I decided to take some refresher lessons as i got my driving license in France 7 years ago but seldom drove. Steve has been a fantastic driving instructor. Getting back in the car was quite a stressful moment and i always got apprehensive but thanks to Steve driving has become easy. He 's got a good sense of humor, he is very patient, always encouraging and understanding. With him everything look so simple that driving has now become an enjoyable experience. I recommend Steve to all my friends as he is by far the best instructor I've ever had! ”

S.M: ”Steve is a fantastic instructor! I passed first time with him - he gave me confidence and was extremely patient. He's got a great sense of humour and this really lightened my lessons. Steve will work you hard, give you constructive criticism and have your best interests at heart. He doesn't JUST teach you to pass the test, but also shows you how to be a safe, confident driver for life. I would strongly recommend him to anyone, and I'll really miss my lessons! Steve definitely earns the label "First Class". ”

Max Pease: ”Steve B. is an excellent instructor: his patience and clear instructions put me at ease and he helped me become a confident driver in just a few lessons although I was a total beginner. He kept encouraging me and challenging me so I was able to pass my driving test on first attempt before going to University. Thanks Steve! ”

Hannah Charkin: ”I had Steve as my driving instructor since July and he was by far the best instructor I have ever had. He made me feel relaxed in the car, and consequently I was able to build up my confidence enough to pass my test first time! I have recommended him to all my friends. ”

Henna Rajgor: ”What can I say? Steve was a brilliant driving instructor and extremely patient too. He was almost more like a friend than a teacher in the sense you could have a joke with him whilst learning how to drive. He taught me at a speed that I was comfortable with and helped me perform manoeuvres perfectly using reference points and guidelines. I honestly couldn't have passed without him and am so grateful for all his help! ”

Stephen Collins: ”I cannot recommend Steve enough as an instructor. Hes an absolute credit to the 1st Class Driving School. He is laidback with a great sense of humour but he also will work you hard to achieve the results you deserve. Perfection is high on his agenda and this in itself will ensure that you pass with him first time. He genuinely cares about his reputation and his students. If you put 100% in i guarantee you will get another 200% from him. Its fair to say i will miss our lessons and the banter for sure! Im 39 years old and to pass fist time with him speaks volumes. Thanks Steve. ”

Kevin: ”Steve is an excellent instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn to drive. He is honest, punctual, calm and very supportive - and thanks to him I've been able to pass my test in a very short space of time. Steve isn't just a good teacher though, he's a nice bloke too! ”

Alex Murphy: ”I can't recommend Steve enough. He got me through my driving test 1st time, with only 3 minors and his adherence to being a fantastic teacher and complete perfectionist are the reasons I believe he is so successful. His sense of humour will make the process of learning to drive incredibly painless! ”

Jay Thakkar: ”Hey everyone!! Steve is an excellent driving instructor. Fun person to drive with. I passed my driving test with his precise guidance. He is quick to spot your mistakes and knows exactly how to rectify them. I am very thankful to his help and I am sure you will be too!! ”

Robert: ”I would just like to inform you that Steve has been a fantastic instructor. He has been very helpful and encouraging and would definitely recommend him if you want to pass you test 1st time. ”

Joe Howes: ”Steve made learning a real joy and fun experience. Very good teacher and flexible with my working schedule. Passed 1st time! ”

Jack: ”I recently passed with steve as my instructor. Steve was a brilliant instructor and helped me with all the problems I had with my driving. He gave me belief that I could pass my test and confidence in my ability to drive. He's also a very nice guy and we had alot of fun during our lessons. Steve is very easy to talk too and was always happy to help me with any concerns I had including questions about my theory. I recommended two of my friends to steve whilst I was still learning and I would recommend him to you! ”

Freddie Kelleher: ”I've had four different instructors all from different companies and Steve was by far the best. If your looking for a patient, hard working, experienced instructor Steves your man.I passed first time thanks to Stevie whilst having a laugh at the same time. Excellent instructor. ”

Sandra Jankauskaite: ” I've never driven a car before so my first lesson was with Steve. I have gained more than just my license as now I've got more confidence and trust in myself. Steve has this calming aura around him that allowed me to relax whilst driving without me even realising. Steve is very friendly and a humorous person that makes driving lessons very pleasurable. Definitely could not ask for a better instructor. Over the moon, so thanks Steve for everything!!! ”

Sabrina: ”I have just passed my test with Steve. He is an amazing, patient and humourous instructor. He sorted out all my issues I had in driving, as promised and was engaging throughout the lessons, which helped keep me at ease. He has a great sense of humour, which really helps! I cannot thank Steve enough for helping me pass. ”

Jenny Neill: ”I seriously could not have asked for a better driving instructor. I was a bag of nerves on the road when I first started out with Steve, driving in this country was so different to what I was use to back home. But with Steve being so calm,professional and good at his job, my confidence built over the weeks and I passed first time! I would highly recommend Steve as a driving instructor to anyone who is wanting to learn by someone so passionate and good at what they do. Thanks Steve!”

Rizma Das: ”Steve was an encouraging and supportive instructer. Throughout the learning process he remained positive and optimisitc, even when I didn't! I had put off learning to drive for over ten years and thanks to Steve that is no longer the case. I passed my test today and I owe a lot to Steve's hardwork and patience. Thank you!”

Rasheed: ”Passed my test in one item in the so called ‘low pass rate Mill Hill’, and want to say a big thanks to Steve B. I would recommend this gentle man to anyone wishing to pass their test in one attempt -he is a fantastic instructor! Thanks for your support Steve. Very much appreciated. ”

Lucy: ”Steve is an excellent instructor! I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants a patient, clear and easy going teacher. He is calm and laid back yet also punctual and thorough. I passed first time and am so grateful to have had him as a teacher. Thanks SteveB!”

Ariel Plotkin: ”Steve was a brilliant instructor - very patient, calm and encouraging. I am so happy to have passed and it wouldn't have been possible without Steve. Thank you so much! ”

Hain Htet: ”What a first class driving instructor! I passed my test in 1st attempt today. I really appreciate Steve as he worked really hard in teaching not like other driving schools I tried before. Steve is the best - Always on time, so patient and explains things clearly. I would highly recommend Steve to everyone. ”

Emma Battman: “ I just want to say a big thank you to SteveB for his great teaching! He made me confident enough to pass my test first time after only 15 hours and all with a smile on my face thanks to his great personality! I am most grateful and will strongly recommend him to others! “

Vivian with Driving test pass certificateVivian Le Mon passed her driving test at Mill Hill with zero faults

Jay with Driving test pass certificateJay passed his driving test at Mill Hill on his 1st attempt

Adeel with Driving test pass certificateAdeel passed his driving test at Mill Hill

Jozsef with Driving test pass certificateJozsef passed his driving test at Mill Hill 1st time with 1 minor

Marrelyn  with Driving test pass certificateMarrelyn passed her driving test at Hendon 1st time with 2 minors

Bradley with Driving test pass certificateBradley passed his driving test at Mill Hill on his 1st attempt

Kate with Driving test pass certificateKate passed her driving test at Hendon on her 1st attempt

Sagal with Driving test pass certificateSagal passed her driving test at Hendon with 3 minors

Laura  with Driving test pass certificateLaura passed her driving test at Mill Hill

 Ali with Driving test pass certificateAli passed his driving test at Hendonl on his 1st attempt

 Hollie with Driving test pass certificateHollie passed her driving test at Hendon on her 1st attempt

 Szandra with Driving test pass certificateSzandra passed her driving test at Mill Hill on her 1st attempt

 Naomi with Driving test pass certificateNaomi passed her driving test at Mill Hill

 Katty with Driving test pass certificateKatty passed her driving test at Mill Hill

 Adam with Driving test pass certificateAdam passed his driving test at Mill Hill

 Jeremiah with Driving test pass certificateJeremiah passed his driving test at Mill Hill 1st time

 Ben with Driving test pass certificateBen passed 1st time at Mill Hill.

 Acirin with Driving test pass certificateAcirin passed 1st time at Mill Hill.

 Jay with Driving test pass certificateJay passed his driving test at Mill Hill.

 Rosie with Driving test pass certificateRosie passed her driving test at Mill Hill 1st time.

 Sharjel with Driving test pass certificateSharjel passed his driving test at Mill Hill 1st time.

 Daniel with Driving test pass certificateDaniel passed his driving test at Mill Hill 1st time.

 Chyna with Driving test pass certificateChyna passed her driving test at Mill Hill 1st time.

 Beth with Driving test pass certificateBeth passed her driving test at Mill Hill 1st time

 Dave with Driving test pass certificateDave passed his driving test at Mill Hill test centre

 Tony with Driving test pass certificateTony passed his test 1st time at Hendon test centre.

 Hafsa with Driving test pass certificateHafsa passed her driving test at Hendon.

 Bryn with Driving test pass certificateBryn passed his driving test first time at Mill Hill.

 Gen with Driving test pass certificateGen passed her driving test at Mill Hill first time.

 Dean with Driving test pass certificate1st time pass for Dean at Mill Hill

 Luana with Driving test pass certificateLuana D' Elias has passed her test first time at Hendon

 Andre with Driving test pass certificateAndre passed his test with Steve at Mill Hill

 Akis with Driving test pass certificateAkis passed his test 1st time with Steve at Barnet

 Artur with Driving test pass certificateArtur passed his test with Steve at Barnet

 Segio with Driving test pass certificateSergio passed his driving test 1st time at Hendon with Steve

 Elena with Driving test pass certificateElena passed her driving test 1st time at Hendon with Steve

 Jacek with Driving test pass certificateJacek passed his driving test 1st time at Hendon with Steve

 Ryan with Driving test pass certificateRyan passed his driving test at Hendon with Steve

 Bui with Driving test pass certificateBui passed his driving test at Hendon with Steve

 Jemime with Driving test pass certificateJemima passed her driving test at Hendon today 1st time with Steve

 Aaron with Driving test pass certificateAaron passed his driving test at Hendon today 1st time with Steve

 Atera with Driving test pass certificateAtera passed with Steve

 Justin with Driving test pass certificateJustin passed 1st time with only 1 minor