Driving Instructor in Sutton, Carshalton, Cheam and Wallington

Jerry teaches in a Manual car providing Driving lessons in Sutton, Carshalton and Cheam.

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Age: 50’s

Car: Ford Fiesta

Experience: 30+ years driving

Hobbies: Allotment Gardening, Golf and Fishing.

Languages: English

Personal Profile: Patient, passionate about teaching, honest and reliable.





Driving lessons DaytimeOur daytime rates cover lessons starting before 5pm (1700) on weekdays. Evening & WeekendOur Evening/Weekend rates apply to any lessons starting at 5pm (or later) and at any times on weekends or Bank Holidays.
1st Lesson 960
24.50 26.50
122.5 132.5
10 Lessons
6 Week course An Ideal beginners course - 2/3 lessons per week over a period of 6-9 weeks (depending on the test lead times in your area).
We book your theory test for you at the start so that you are studying alongside taking driving lessons. This course can be designed as a beginners course but we do recommend booking an assessment lesson first to get an accurate idea of how many lessons you will actually need.
The course cost includes:
- Your theory test
- Your Practical Driving Test for a weekday test
- 16 one hour lessons - booked daytime or evening
- Your pre-test lesson & use of our car on test
The advantage of this course is that we have the time for other lessons if needed before your test.
Pass Plus courseHighlight the Pass Plus Logo for full details 150
Intensive courses Intensive/ Crash courses - normally 5 hours per day & can be run over 2, 3, or 5 days.
The 5 day course is one week long start Monday finish Friday & we book your test for the following week, 2 & 3 day courses are similar where we try to book your test on the day following the course.
These courses are ideal for anyone that needs to pass quickly.
DaytimeOur daytime rates cover lessons starting before 5pm (1700) on weekdays. Evening & WeekendOur Evening/Weekend rates apply to any lessons starting at 5pm (or later) and at any times on weekends or Bank Holidays.
5 hour£213.99 £233.50
10 hour£305.50 £336.00
15 hour£398.00 £438.50
20 hour£409.50 £541.00
25 hour£583.00 £643.50
30 hour£675.50 £746.00
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Andrew: ”Passed Today with Jerry I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Jerry firstly, he has been very supportive, encouraging, and he is an outstanding driving instructor. I first had lessons with another driving instructor from another school and he was terrible... Jerry gave me the confidence, belief in myself, and obviously the skills needed to pass my test. Jerry does have a unique style and way with words however I would highly recommend him, his style works, and he can teach even the un-teachable (like me). Jerry will tell you he is the best, that's because he is. Thank you Jerry!!”

Punam: ”Jerry is one of the best and most passionate teachers I have ever been lucky enough to have. His passion is for teaching and watching his students grow. I have really struggled with driving all my life and being able to do this now is so critical for me. Jerry not only encouraged me the whole way through, he knew to push me. I got to the point that when I took the test, I wanted to pass partly for myself and partly not to let him down. Jerry is also really decent and fun to chat to which has made the lessons a real joy and this has never been my experience of driving in the past. I have always seen driving as a chore and Jerry has taught me to see it as a joy. A really lovely chap with a heart of gold and if anyone manages to secure Jerry as their teacher, they are very lucky”

Pharida: ” I passed my driving test in a first attempt with the help of Jerry. He is an intelligent and frank instructor. He taught me everything about driving in a simple and clear way and I would like to thank Jerry for my success. ”

Allison: ” Jerry is the best! As an experienced driver from the states - I needed to understand the UK way of driving to pass my test. Jerry was patient, understanding, and kind. He put all my worries to rest and understood my needs - and raised my standard of driving. I successfully passed on my first try with only one fault thanks to Jerry’s high class teaching. I highly recommend Jerry. Many thanks again! ”

Charlie C: ”Jerry is an absolute legend if you want first time experience and don’t want to feel nervous then Jerry’s the guy couldn’t get better than him. ”

Steph: ”What can I say, I can't fault Jerry at all. He's an amazing instructor, gives you all the support and help you need and will always make sure you are confident in the way that you're driving. I've honestly learned so much from him ( well I learned how to drive!) and he is a pleasure to be around because he makes you feel so comfterable while driving. Would deffo recommend him to anyone looking to start driving! ”

Lucy: ”I’m so pleased my daughter has passed 1st time. Jerry is amazing and really got her confidence. We had an instructor before Jerry and it just felt like she wasn’t getting anywhere we only had a few lessons with them. Changing was the best thing ever and what was the most important thing that Jerry said to me was he will put her in for her test when he feels she is safe. We got her a car to practice in and when I went out with her I totally understood what he meant. She definitely wasn’t ready at that point. I can’t recommend him enough and Jerry be prepared as daughter number starts in September. ”

Samantha: ” Jerry is amazing! After driving for some time but having to stop for a year due to other priorities, Jerry helped me pick myself straight back up from where we left and a few months later I have now passed my test! Jerry is very friendly and so easy to talk to! He is an excellent communicator so he is able to talk through a process easily untill you understand it fully! I would highly recommend Jerry to anyone!! ”

Laura with Driving test pass certificateLaura: ”Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Jerry for helping me with not only achieving my drivers license but also making me into the confident driver that I am today. He was not the first instructor I had but he was the last. I've always been quite nervous to drive but since our lessons I gained a lot more confidence and knowledge on how to handle things I was unsure of safely which all gave me the skills I needed to pass my test. Thanks to Jerry the roads seemed a lot safer and less scary because I felt like I had ability to tackle anything thrown my way. So once again, thank you very much! Could have not done it without you.”

Reema: ” I would definitely recommend Jerry to everyone. He has a lot of patience and great teaching tips. He had lots of different methods of teaching from using ipad apps to using diagrams he had drawn, so I think his teaching would work for almost anyone. Jerry teaches you to drive safely, preparing you for actual driving not just how to pass your test. Having said this, he does not waste your time or money, and will try to get you to your test as soon as you are ready. Jerry definitely made me feel comfortable and gave me confidence in my driving ability and I had a really good experience learning from him. Thank you Jerry! ”

Sarah J: ” I passed my test over a year ago now after really struggling to pass. After many failed attempts because I just couldn’t overcome my nerves, I thought I would never pass as I just kept falling to pieces when it came to the big day. I can’t thank Jerry enough because he wouldn’t let me give up and spared me to go on. Over a year later I am glad to say that I think it has made me a better driver as I got to perfect my driving after every failed attempt. I have had no accidents so far and I drive my car every day. I have driven to my home town from Surrey several times (236 Miles) and first made the Journey after 2 weeks of passing. Thank you Jerry for everything! ”

Sarah with Driving test pass certificateSarah: ”Jerry was an absolutely fantastic instructor! I'm a nervous driver and had previously had lessons with another instructor before giving up - but starting lessons again with Jerry really helped build my confidence. He explained things very clearly and used diagrams and drawings to help me to not just know how to do the moves but to really understand them and the car. He always tailored the lessons to what I specifically wanted to work on or areas he recognised as needing improvement and was very patient with helping me deal with my fear of roundabouts. Even after I passed he said I could message him any time if I had any driving related questions which shows he really cares about his students. I'd really recommend Jerry and do not think I would have managed to pass without him! Very grateful to have been taught by him! ”

Francesca with Driving test pass certificateFrancesca: ”I was lucky to have Jerry as my instructor who was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I had never touched the steering wheel before even though passed my driving test on 1st time and all credit goes to my instructor JERRY. He has an excellent teaching technique on every matters and puts so much effort on very small details too.He was very patient and calm and understand you.He made me confident to drive, believed and encouraged every time. I still remember and follows his steps while i am driving which makes me drive lawfully and safely. I would recommend him highly to everyone because he is great and the best. Once again very big thank you to 1st Class and especially Jerry. ”

Tom1 with Driving test pass certificateTom: ”Massive thank you to Jerry for all his help. As I told him my self, I'm not exactly a sponge when it comes to taking in information so his persistence and patience was great for me. The biggest compliment I can give is that when it was time to take my test I was actually the most comfortable I've felt in a car. All that knowledge and confidence Jerry gave me was massive. A fun guy, easy to talk to and so understanding on a personal level too. Can be firm when needed, but that's part of the learning process. I'd highly recommend Jerry to anyone in the Wallington, Sutton, Carshalton area. Thanks again Jerry. ”

Becky1 with Driving test pass certificateBeccy: ”From my first lesson he made me feel confident and comfortable in the car. He worked at a pace that suited me and took my feedback about my own progress on board and developed them in to lessons. He was extremely reliable and professional. Jerry was the first instructor I worked with and made the experience so easy and enjoyable that I was able to pass first time with him as my instructor. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. ”

Paige with Driving test pass certificatePaige: ”I learnt to drive with Jerry. Passed my test on the 5th October and had the best time learning to drive. I think Jerry was such a great teacher and would recommend him to anyone! Thankyou so much! ”

Sara with Driving test pass certificateSara: ”I passed my driving test first time with all credit due to Jerry. He is such a patient, and friendly teacher who is always enthusiastic about driving. I've had two other instructors before him, but he is without a doubt the best because he uses fun visual methods and clear techniques to help you learn and remember things. Also every lesson he was happy to answer the list of questions i had and made me feel confident and prepared for the test beforehand. I'd recommend him to anybody because he will teach you the correct way so that you drive safely for the rest of your life. Thanks Jerry!”

Dipak with Driving test pass certificateDipak: ” I was lucky to have Jerry as my instructor who was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I had never touched the steering wheel before even though passed my driving test on 1st time and all credit goes to my instructor JERRY. He has an excellent teaching technique on every matters and puts so much effort on very small details too.He was very patient and calm and understand you.He made me confident to drive, believed and encouraged every time. I still remember and follows his steps while i am driving which makes me drive lawfully and safely. I would recommend him highly to everyone because he is great and the best. Once again very big thank you to 1st Class and especially Jerry.”

Tina with Driving test pass certificateTina: ”I am a 54 year old woman who was a nervous wreck and full of self-doubt and I passed first time - and it’s all thanks to Jerry! He really believed in me and encouraged me all the way. He is patient yet demanding, encouraging and extremely knowledgeable. He has an excellent teaching technique with the emphasis on safety. He puts so much effort and consideration into his lessons - I can genuinely say he is without doubt the most brilliant instructor and I cannot recommend him highly enough. I have a new-found freedom - thank you Jerry!”

Matt with Driving test pass certificateMatt: ”Having Jerry teach me after a previous instructor, you can quickly see the difference in how detailed and thorough his teaching methods are. Jerry adapts to your learning style and is happy to answer any questions you have, which for me was a lot! Very social, good sense of humour and calm when mistakes are made. Jerry is an ideal driving instructor for anyone of any skill level.”

SarahN with Driving test pass certificateSarah: ”Thank you to Jerry for helping me pass my test first time! Jerry is very knowledgeable and makes the lessons interesting and fun. He is very patient and takes time to explain and teach each driving skill needed. He is an amazing teacher with a lot of experience that he passes on with each lesson. Jerry was very friendly and made learning to drive easy! I would definately recommend Jerry to other learners. Thank you again to Jerry and 1st class for helping me pass my test.”

Lucy with Driving test pass certificateLucy: ”I passed first time with Jerry and I couldn't be happier! He is a brilliantinstructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for driving lessons. From having barely any confidence when I started with Jerry he built my confidence up and made me realise that I could pass my test very easily. Jerry can be firm when he needs to but ultimately he made the lessons enjoyable and has a unique way of teaching that makes you learn and remember everything! Thank you Jerry!!”

Robert with Driving test pass certificateRobert: ”I have to give all the credit to my driving to Jerry he was an amazing teacher, made me feel comfortable and at ease from day one and made me very relaxed and confident behind the wheel, not only did Jerry teach me to drive, he taught me how to drive safety and sensibly, I still you his methods till today for parallel parking and coming up to traffic lights. so I would like to say a big Thank you to Jerry and Thank you 1st Class Driving School ”

Shereen with Driving test pass certificateShereen: ” Massive thank you to jerry for helping me past my test. He is alway very patient and open minded to help adapt to your individual learning techniques. With his amount of experience and general care for all of his students it is clear to see why so many of them pass. I would recommend him 100% to any first time driver or even anyone who is struggling to pass their test. Thank you again Jerry for everything you have done!!!”

Becky with Driving test pass certificateBecky: ”Having failed two driving tests at the age of 17 with a different driving school, I never thought I would be able to pass! Eight years later I decided to try again with 1st Class, and was fortunate enough to be taught by Jerry. The biggest problem I faced was nerves and a lack of confidence in my driving. Jerry was fantastic! Extremely patient and reassuring, he provided me with the tools to not only pass a test but feel confident in driving independently after. Jerry can be firm when needed, but ultimately very fair. If you are a nervous driver, I can not recommend Jerry highly enough!! I passed first time with him, and trust me, if I can pass, then anyone can!!! Thanks again Jerry! ”

Lilley with Driving test pass certificateLilley: ”Having been a nervous wreck when it came to my driving test, I was able to pass with two minors -This was down to Jerrys absolute patience with me and also his confidence in me. I couldn't recommend him any higher; he was a perfectionist, covering the grounds of everything and more before my test, building up my confidence and also putting me at ease, making me laugh every step of the way! ”

Alex with Driving test pass certificateAlex: ”1st Class driving school is without doubt one of the best driving schools out there! Jerry is an amazing instructor who is very knowledgeable with a lot of experience as well as patience. I found that i could ask Jerry almost anything and he would always and he would always be able to provide an in depth answer. Having had lessons from Jerry i now had a very strong platform to start driving independently and confidently and most importantly safely!. Jerry has a great personality, but can also be strict when needed. I strongly recommend Jerry to anyone who is starting to learn to drive as he is one of the finest driving instructors out there!”

Adam with Driving test pass certificateAdam: ”I found out about 1st class driving and the driving instructor, Jerry, from a friend who was taking driving lessons from the same instructor. He came highly recommended. I took just over 20 lessons with Jerry, and found him to be an excellent driving instructor. He had the ability of making the lessons seem very interesting, providing very clear instructions and having a very friendly attitude towards me. Overall, his tuition exceeded my expectations and thus I would recommend him highly to other learners. The fact that I passed first time is no doubt in large measure due to his excellent training skills.”

Maliha with Driving test pass certificateMaliha: ”Jerry was a very helpful driving instructor to me where he taught me how to drive well and in a safe manner. Jerry's teaching techniques were very helpful especially with him being able to explain how to perform manouvers using a virtual app on his ipad which helped me visualise the method of driving much easier. Jerry helped me gain confidence in driving and had great amounts of paitence teaching me especially with my slow progress at the start. A huge thanks to Jerry!”

Grace with Driving test pass certificateGrace: ”Practicing for my driving test with Jerry has been amazing! I passed my driving test last week and I am very sure it's down to Jerry's patience and great teaching techniques. Jerry teaches you how to drive safely and with competence not just how to pass your test; these are skills I'm sure will stick with me throughout my driving future. I will be recommending Jerry to everyone. ”

Sean with Driving test pass certificateSean: ”Jerry was extremely pleasant to learn with and thanks to his advice I managed to pass my test first time, I would highly recommend Jerry to any pupil trying to learn how to drive, simply because he was more interested in me passing my test rather than accumulating money over an extended period of driving lessons.”

Darren with Driving test pass certificateDarren: ”I've just passed this morning first time, and I'd like to give some feedback on my instructor, Jerry. He's a fantastic instructor, and has all the qualities that a new driver wants in a teacher: Patient, confident, knowledgeable and good-natured. He helped to lay an excellent foundation for my learning, and enabled me to feel as confident as possible going into my test. If I made any mistakes, he would give me detailed and useful feedback, to help prevent me from making those mistakes in the future. I'd recommend him to any new pupils, regardless of ability, because he will definitely improve their driving and general awareness of how to be a safe and competent driver. Very good sense of humour as well, and just a generally nice guy! ”

 Sharon with Driving test pass certificateSharon: ”Jerry was a fantastic instructor. Extremely calm, firm but fair. He also had a knack for knowing what would work for me and several times changed tactics to help me on my way. I'm now much more confident and enjoying my driving. Jerry has single handedly changed my life and after having had several instructors - at the ripe old age of 42.... I'm finally free!!!”

JordanM with Driving test pass certificateJordan: ”Jerry was a brilliant driving instructor, his instructions were clear. I'd strongly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive, as you'd save money as his such a good instructor. ”

Jack Marchi with Driving test pass certificateJacko: ”I would like to say a massive thank you to Jerry for getting me through my driving test. I could not have asked for a better instructor and I definitely feel I got my money's worth. Every lesson I was always learning something new and he made sure the lessons were never boring and I always enjoyed a challenge.. Overall I have learnt a lot from Jerry and have gained so much confidence in driving. I highly recommend Jerry for any learner looking for good , honest and reliable instructor who is allways on time... A Huge Thank you to Jerry ”

Jack with Driving test pass certificateJack: ”This morning I passed my driving test and its all thanks to Jerry's help! With years of experience he really knows what he's talking about and explains everything and makes the lessons fun as well as useful and informative without a doubt I recommend the guys at First Class! Don't waste your money with AA and all the other big names, the personal service here is top-notch. Thanks First Class and Jerry! ”

Shelby with Driving test pass certificateShelby: ”I passed my driving test yesterday first time! And that's all down to my instructor Jerry he really helped me and even with my harsh examiner I still managed to pass so thanks Jerry ”

Roya with Driving test pass certificateRoya: ”Just want to say a massive thank you to Jerry. He has built up my confidence so much with driving which lead me to pass my test today. He's been an amazing instructor and I couldn't of done it with out him!! ”

Sam Makela with Driving test pass certificateSam: ”I had the great pleasure of having been taught to drive by Jerry from first class driving school. I passed my test a little while ago, and just wanted to say thank you, and that I could not have hoped for a better tutor than Jerry. Throughout our lessons, I found him to be informative, organized, friendly, and always more flexible to match my often difficult timetable than I had any right to require. He left me with the confidence and ability to drive that I now get to enjoy having finally purchased my first car! ”

Helen with Driving test pass certificateHelen: ”I passed my driving test six weeks ago and it was all made possible thanks to Jerry. Initially, as a nervous driver I always felt very relaxed and reassured when driving with Jerry. Thankfully his calm manor and humour which kept me focused and the experience a fun one. Jerry's detailed explanations helped me to grasp driving and most importantly driving safely. Jerry was so very calm when I was practising my manoeuvres and thankfully, when reversing around a corner on my test, I did it confidently and with the skill I had been taught. I would recommend Jerry and 1st Class to any new driver! Thanks once again. ”

Emma with Driving test pass certificateEmma: ”I could not have asked for a better driving instructor! He truly understood every aspect of my driving ability and had the time and the patience to make sure I would pass my test. The comedy he brought to every lesson made my nerves disappear. If jerry tells you to do something, he is telling you for your benefit, the day before my test my mum told him that I hated the reverse the corner manoeuvre because I did not feel like I could do it and so Jerry had the patience to make me do it as many times as it took for me to feel comfortable doing it and lo and behold I got asked to do it in my test the next day and I passed! I would definitely recommend!!! ”

Ryan with Driving test pass certificateRyan: ”I would like to thank Jerry for his teaching. He was easy-going, making you feel confident behind the wheel in a short amount of time. It was evident that he had vast amounts of experience as an instructor and would recommend him to anyone interested in learning to drive! ”

Jackie with Driving test pass certificateJackie: ”Jerry was a very patient and organised instructor. He always encouraged me when I felt I could not go on and always had faith in me. He was easy going and I believe he has helped me become one of the safest drivers on the road. I would recommend him highly to anyone looking to start driving lessons.”

Toni with Driving test pass certificateToni: ”I am writing to let you know about my experience of driving lessons with Jerry. It was a great experience and every lesson made a great contribution to my progress. I learnt something new and improved every lesson. If I didn't quite get something Jerry would make sure we went over it the following lesson, leading to me passing my test. ”

Nick with Driving test pass certificateNick: ”Just wanted to say a big thanks to Jerry for getting me through my driving lessons & helping me pass the test. Specifically chose Jerry after watching the video introductions of the instructors as felt he would be the easiest to get along with. Found him to be a brilliant teacher, very easy to get along with and with a large knowledge stemming from a previous career in the police - so I always felt I was getting the best advice possible. Also helped that he is into Football, Beer and Curries, 3 of my favourite things, so also picked up some useful cooking tips from him! Would definitely recommend any new learner to use Jerry & 1st Class Driving! ”

Bing with Driving test pass certificateBing: ”After having had a total of 26 hours of lessons with Jerry,I passed my driving test yesterday and I only had TWO faults, that speaks it all! Jerry is a great instructor who has made the learning to drive an enjoyable experience. I cannot thank him enough for his encouragement, patience and kindness throughout. Jerry is a great person to work with, my take away from Jerry is not just learning to pass the test, but also how to drive safely in the future, for which I am extremely grateful. I would strongly recommend Jerry to anyone who wish to take driving lessons. All the best, Jerry. You are a star!”

Manali with Driving test pass certificateManali: ”I am Manali and I am glad to say I passed my driving test with 1st class driving school. Jerry was my driving instructor and I would like to say few good words about him. Jerry is an excellent and the best driving instructor. He has good quality driving knowledge and experience. He understands learners needs and abilities very well. He is very patient, bit strict about driving, honest and reliable. I am lucky to have life long safe driving instructions from Jerry. I would more than happy to recommend Jerry to all driving learners. A massive thanks to Jerry and 1st class driving school.”

Iwona with Driving test pass certificateIwona: ”The best driving instructor for me. Patient and forgiving, demanding and consistent. Jerry is able to easily pass the knowledge on safe driving. It is also important that he cares about his students. Thanks to him, I passed. Verry big thank you Jerry ”

Joshua with Driving test pass certificateJoshua: ”Jerry taught me extremely well, allowing me to take my test confident of passing. He is calm and patient whilst also being very direct and clear - the perfect combination, engendering rapid improvement. His experience of driving police cars is evident as he is able to provide meticulous detail on awareness. I've no hang-ups about driving, having passed my practical test. Make sure you book with him! ”

Puvirajan: ”I am delighted give a comment about Jerry, he is a gentleman and very strict person. I learned every thing related to driving and because of him I passed the driving exam very easy. I wish him all the best in his further promotions.”

Mel with Driving test pass certificateMel: ”As a very nervous driver to begin with Jerry made me feel at ease almost immediately. He was calm and patient with me from the very beginning, and restored my confidence in my ability to drive. I would recommend him to any learners he'll get you through your test and you'll enjoy yourself along the way. A massive thank you to Jerry for getting me through my test.”

Moro with Driving test pass certificateMoro: ”Jerry is an excellent driving instructor who takes every bit of interesting in your driving and personal life. He makes sure your personal life doesn't affect your lessons and creates a friendly atmosphere when driving. I was apprehensive of my driving and didnt think I can ever pass but I did it with Jerry. He helps you take control and set the speed of your own learning. I will strongly recommend him and 1st class driving school.”

Gemma with Driving test pass certificateGemma: ”I had the very pleasure of Jerry rescuing me, after having a fair few lessons with a previous instructor who wasn't very professional telling me I wasn't ready for my test the day before. Jerry picked up teaching me pretty much from the beginning again being that my confidence was seriously knocked. Jerry made driving a pleasure with his calm and placid manner, made me feel at ease behind the wheel (not a nervous wreck like before). Jerry is ridiculously patient: after doing left reverse round the corner which had to be done over 100 times I would know (good job as I did get it in my test). I am of course going to miss his FAB sense of humour and never failed to make me laugh. I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor and only wished I went with him from the beginning, I couldn't be happier to finally pass my test and with Jerry!!! WHAT A STAR AND WOULD RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE! ”

Lazlo with Driving test pass certificateLaszlo: ”My name is Laszlo, I'm from Sutton. I was a student for a few months. I have passed my Practical Driving Test today and I just want to say thank you and it was a pleasure to work together. I would like to say a SPECIAL THANK to Jerry who took me through on this way to PASS my test. He is really a kind of instructor who was born to be it. He made driving to be a good habit to me. He made me feel to be looking forward to the next lesson. His experiences and knowledge is huge. I'm sure I could not have any better instructor than him. Every lesson was fun but serious. He taught me how to drive safely and enjoy it at the same time. Over all, I'm very happy He was my instructor and I hope a lots of other students want to experience the same as I did, they have to pick Jerry! Thank you and Drive Safe.”

Oneil with Driving test pass certificateOneil : ”I passed my Driving Test with Jerry. An Instructor that makes Driving seem very easy. I would recommend Jerry to any new learner drivers he is a great Instructor. I only had 3 Months and 2 Weeks of lesson and I passed my Driving Test the first time in one of the hardest Test Centres ”

Vicky with Driving test pass certificateVicky passed with Jerry

Sandra with Driving test pass certificateSandra passed with Jerry

Sam B with Driving test pass certificateSam passed 1st time with Jerry

Sabah with Driving test pass certificateSabah passed 1st time with Jerry

Neha with Driving test pass certificateNeha passed with Jerry

Lilley with Driving test pass certificateLilley passed with Jerry

Hassan with Driving test pass certificateHassan passed 1st time with Jerry

Hannah with Driving test pass certificateHannah passed with Jerry

Fia with Driving test pass certificateFia passed with Jerry

Deb with Driving test pass certificateDeb passed 1st time with Jerry

Dani with Driving test pass certificateDani passed 1st time with Jerry

Callum with Driving test pass certificateCallum passed with Jerry

Bethan with Driving test pass certificateBethan passed 1st time with Jerry

Lauren with Driving test pass certificateLauren passed 1st time with Jerry after only 19 lessons!

Bonni with Driving test pass certificateBonni passed 1st time with Jerry

Lionel with Driving test pass certificateLionel passed 1st time with Jerry

Charlie with Driving test pass certificateCharlie passed with only two minors with Jerry

Gabby with Driving test pass certificateGabby passed with only two minors with Jerry

Grace1 with Driving test pass certificateGrace passed 1st time with Jerry

Izzy with Driving test pass certificateIzzy passed 1st time with Jerry

Lauren with Driving test pass certificateLauren passed with Jerry

Lewis with Driving test pass certificateLewis passed with Jerry

Louise with Driving test pass certificateLouise passed with Jerry

Rick with Driving test pass certificateRick passed 1st time with Jerry

Sam with Driving test pass certificateSam passed 1st time with Jerry

Gemma with Driving test pass certificateGemma passed 1st time with Jerry

Amber with Driving test pass certificateAmber passed with Jerry

Bubaker with Driving test pass certificateBubaker passed with Jerry

Abbi with Driving test pass certificateAbbi passed with Jerry

Georgette with Driving test pass certificateGeorgette passed with Jerry

Chanelle with Driving test pass certificateChanelle passed with Jerry

Daniel with Driving test pass certificateDaniel passed 1st time with Jerry

Bola with Driving test pass certificateBola passed with Jerry

Emilio with Driving test pass certificateEmilio passed 1st time with Jerry

George with Driving test pass certificateGeorge passed 1st time with Jerry

JoshuaS with Driving test pass certificateJoshua passed with Jerry

Lauren with Driving test pass certificateLauren passed with Jerry

Iwona with Driving test pass certificateIwona passed with Jerry

Luke with Driving test pass certificateLuke passed with Jerry

Jordan Stalley with Driving test pass certificateJordan passed with Jerry

Matthew with Driving test pass certificateMatthew passed with Jerry

Michelle with Driving test pass certificateMichelle 1st time passed with Jerry

Kwame with Driving test pass certificateKwame passed 1st time with Jerry

Jerry_Jack S with Driving test pass certificateJack passed with Jerry

JordanSmith with Driving test pass certificateJordan passed with Jerry

Mitch with Driving test pass certificateMitch passed 1st time with Jerry

Priya with Driving test pass certificatePriya passed 1st time with Jerry

Rory with Driving test pass certificateRory passed with Jerry

Sam Kilajedo with Driving test pass certificateSam passed 1st time with Jerry

Tom with Driving test pass certificateTom passed 1st time with Jerry

Yussef with Driving test pass certificateYussef passed with Jerry