Driving Instructor in Stoke Newington and surrounding areas

Ghulam teaches in a Manual car providing Driving lessons in Walthamstow, Wanstead, Leytonstone, Waltham Forest, Hackney, Stoke Newington and surrounding areas..

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Age: 30’s

Car: Daytona Grey Audi A3

Experience: 20+ years driving

Hobbies: Keeping fit, socializing & watching films.

Languages: English

Personal Profile: I am a professional, dedicated, punctual, patient and reliable individual. My goal is to teach you to become a confident and safe driver for life, in a fun, friendly and professional environment. I am a very experienced motorist and have undertaken various driving roles in the past including buses. I previously worked for Royal mail and have excellent customer relation skills. Both my experience and skills will help me to meet individual client needs.






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Driving lessons DaytimeOur daytime rates cover lessons starting before 5pm (1700) on weekdays. Evening & WeekendOur Evening/Weekend rates apply to any lessons starting at 5pm (or later) and at any times on weekends or Bank Holidays.
1st Lesson 990
32.00 34.00
10 Lessons 310.00 330.00
Test £125 £125
6 Week course An Ideal beginners course - 2/3 lessons per week over a period of 6-9 weeks (depending on the test lead times in your area).
We book your theory test for you at the start so that you are studying alongside taking driving lessons. This course can be designed as a beginners course but we do recommend booking an assessment lesson first to get an accurate idea of how many lessons you will actually need.
The course cost includes:
- Your theory test
- Your Practical Driving Test for a weekday test
- 16 one hour lessons - booked daytime or evening
- Your pre-test lesson & use of our car on test
The advantage of this course is that we have the time for other lessons if needed before your test.
Pass Plus courseHighlight the Pass Plus Logo for full details £162
Intensive courses Intensive/ Crash courses - normally 5 hours per day & can be run over 2, 3, or 5 days.
The 5 day course is one week long start Monday finish Friday & we book your test for the following week, 2 & 3 day courses are similar where we try to book your test on the day following the course.
These courses are ideal for anyone that needs to pass quickly.
DaytimeOur daytime rates cover lessons starting before 5pm (1700) on weekdays. Evening & WeekendOur Evening/Weekend rates apply to any lessons starting at 5pm (or later) and at any times on weekends or Bank Holidays.
5 hour£213.99
10 hour
15 hour
20 hour
25 hour
30 hour
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Michal with Driving test pass certificateMichal: ”Ghulam is a great instructor! passed first time with 1 minor. Very calm and friendly with a good approach to teaching and practice. Would highly recommend ”

Ashleigh with Driving test pass certificateAshleigh: ”Thank you so much! Tried and gave up learning to drive a few years ago so I thought it was going to be impossible, but I passed first time thanks to Ghulam. I genuinely couldn’t have asked for a better instructor, he was very patient and every lesson was tailored to make sure I was fully confident in everything and make sure I was fully ready for my test. He was really flexible to make sure I got enough lessons around my personal schedule and was a fantastic instructor! ”

Patryk with Driving test pass certificatePatryk: ”Amazing instructor, very good way of teaching which makes it easy to understand. Most importantly he was always on time and never finished lessons earlier allowing to maximise the time you have in the car. He had very good attention to details which allowed me to learn and improve. Only received 4 minors and passed first time and that is representation of how well Ghulam teaches. Highly recommend to everyone. ”

Nicola with Driving test pass certificateNicola: ”Ghulam is a great instructor. I had never driven in the UK and was quite a nervous driver and lacked a lot of confidence, he was very patient and helped me to overcome a lot of my fear on the road. I would highly recommend his service and trust you are in very good hands. ”

Tash with Driving test pass certificateTash: ”Thanks to Ghulam I passed first time! From my first lesson right through to my last, he was patient and flexible around my schedule. Not once did I feel like I wasn't progressing well. I even surprised myself at how quick he was able to teach me the foundations I needed to be a good driver. On a side note, his vehicle made the whole experience much easier. Learning to drive in a high-spec modern vehicle prepared me much more for what driving will actually be like when I purchase my own. If you want a calm instructor who's dedicated to making sure you pass first time, Ghulam is your guy!”

Recardo with Driving test pass certificateRecardo: ”Ghulam is a fantastic driving instructor and thanks to him I passed first time. He was able to shape the lessons according to my needs and timeframe and I couldn’t be happier. He will not only help you with all the tips to pass the test but also become a better driver. Thank you Ghulam!”

Gabriella with Driving test pass certificateGabriella: ”How lucky was I to come across Ghulam?! After failing with another instructor, Ghulam gave me the confidence that I deeply yearned for in my driving. He was excellent in dealing and working on my weak points, calmly, with patience and practice, giving me the tools to help me find my way. He helped me overcome my mental obstacles. This was extremely important to me. Driving lessons with Ghulam I always looked forward to as they were enjoyable, and professional. Each lesson was worth it and he was very dedicated in ensuring that I was comfortable with all parts of my driving. Improving each time, plus ensuring that I am a safe and responsible driver. He has an incredible psyche, and is an amazing being!! I am truly grateful to have had him as my instructor and could not have done it without him! Recommend him highly/especially.”

Francisco with Driving test pass certificateFrancisco: ”I'm very happy to be bless whith a instructor like him (Mr. Ghulam) he is a very professional, friendly person, whit him anyone can learn how to drive in safety. I real advising anyone how want to be a real driver to learning with him. from 0 to 10, I give him 11. he is the amazing person is no words to describing him . thank you guys to have someone like him, helping peoples to be a driver .”

Dean with Driving test pass certificateDean: ”After watching Ghulam's somewhat awkward VT, I decided, this is the instructor for me, having to learn to drive out of necessity rather than desire, my mindset wasn't the most positive, I soon realised that I actually enjoyed driving and this was in large part down to Ghulam, his easy to follow instruction and ability to build a rapport with me, helped immensely, I was able to pass first time and keep a family tradition going, I would highly recommend Ghulam to anyone, no matter of confidence level, as I believe his instruction will get you to where you need to be, so you could pass even on your worse day (thumbs up)”

Luke with Driving test pass certificateLuke: ”I passed first time with 1 minor! And this is all down to having Ghulam as my instructor. Instructors I have had in past were impatient and unfriendly, Ghulam on the other hand was patient, encouraging but diligent in his approach making me push myself to the best of my ability and not mention fun to be with having a good laugh from time to time. If your looking for driving lessons, look no futher!”

Claire with Driving test pass certificateClaire: ”Learning to drive was something I had put off for many years out of fear. Ghulam is a fantastic Instructor I can not thank 1st class enough for giving me Ghulam as my driving instructor. His teaching helped me from been such a nervous driver to been a confident driver within a matter of months. His teaching of manuvores were explained in a way that it was easy to undertake. His ability to pick out my weaker points early on and structure the lessons so that i could constantly improve was amazing. The lesson were fun and enjoyable whilst still been professional. I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Having passed my test for the first time, I couldn't have asked for such a kind, methodical and honest person to navigate me through the roads of London and to passing my test. Thank you Ghulam!”

Nicholas with Driving test pass certificateNicholas: ”I started my driving lessons with much trepidation. Thankfully, I had an excellent instructor in Ghulam who picked up on this and he gave me time to find my feet and feel comfortable on the road. His calm and friendly approach really paid off as I have gone from a negative mindset to feeling confident on the road. Ghulam was also very patient with my mistakes and using teaching and psychology to make me I improve where I was making errors - overall, he has done an amazing job with regards getting me ready to join the driving masses. He was very meticulous regarding safety and planning and left no stone unturned in my preparation for my test which i passed first time. Overall, I cannot thank Ghulam and 1st Class enough - I now feel like a confident, safe and responsible driver.”

Safeena: ”Ghulam is a fantastic driving instructor. I booked lessons with first class driving school after putting off driving for many years. My previous experience with driving lesson were awful and I was lacking the basic skills and confidence. When I initally started to take lessons with Ghulam I was very nervous about driving. Ghulam was able to address this and helped me work on my weakness and encouraged me to continue working hard at my driving. I was lucky enough to find an instructor like Ghulam who had a genuine passion for teaching and wants to see his students become excellent and safe drivers. He is a very professional and patient teacher who will teach you to become safe driver beyond just passing the test. Thanks to Ghulam I learnt many skills like safety on the road, importance of good observation, planning skills, awareness, judgement, defence driving and so on, which lead me to a successful pass. Ghulam is a dedicated instructor who has the passion for teaching, this is reflected in his dedication to ensuring that his students pass their test and become safe good drivers. I would recommend Ghulam highly to anyone who is serious about becoming a sucessful driver, he will teach you the essential skills of becoming a safe driver. Thank you Ghulam for being an amazing driving instructor! ”

Adam with Driving test pass certificateAdam: ”Learning with Ghulam from 1st Class Driving was a very enjoyable experience. Every lesson was structured perfectly to my needs and progress. I would highly recommend ghulam as a driving instructor as he will push you to do the best you can do. I passed first time which also shows his teaching ability. Thanks very much for all your help! ”

Heather: ”Learning with Ghulam was a pleasure he is a great instructor, he never gave up on me and was patient and encouraging. He gave me the necessary skills and confidence in myself and I passed with 2 minors. I would like to thank him for all his support and hard work. ”

Craig with Driving test pass certificateCraig: ”Ghulam is an excellent driving instructor and learning to drive with him was a pleasure. I passed 1st time. He is calm, professional a very patient. He will teach you the key ingredients on how to drive and will always be on hand to guide you through the challenges and pit falls that learning to drive will throw at you. Highly recommended. The best driving instructor I have had by a country mile. A big thank you to Ghulam for all his help. ”

Marie with Driving test pass certificateMarie: ”Ghulam is an incredible driving instructor, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to take lessons with him. He is serious, dedicated, and very friendly so lessons were always a pleasure and I learned really quickly (even though I was appalling at first). He made sure I had all the necessary skills to pass the test and gave me the confidence I needed, and I cannot thank him enough for this! ”

Doung with Driving test pass certificateDoung: ”Mr Ghulam is one of the prestigious driving instructors I’ve ever had, he taught me several methods, technique’s and everything I need to know and I passed first time! All the lessons I had with him has been exciting and productive. Without Mr Ghulam I don’t think I would’ve pass. It’s been honourable to have him as my driving instructor and I thank you for that. Highly Recommend ”

Henriquetta with Driving test pass certificateHenriqueta: ”Learning with Ghulam at 1st Class was a thoroughly enjoyable experience .Ghulam is a brilliant instructor, he was always patient encouraging and pushed me to my maximum potential, whilst being easy to talk to, resulting in me passing my test first time with 2 minors, I would highly recommend. Thank you Ghulam for all the support. ”

Nicholas with Driving test pass certificateNicholas: ”Ghulam has been an excellent instructor. From beginning to end he has been patient and informative in not only teaching me how to drive but also how to understand what a driver needs to be thinking and doing from the moment they sit behind the wheel. He has fully managed our time together properly in order to make sure that he honed in on my areas of weakness and get me test ready, which resulted in me having a very solid and successful test. I fully intend on recommending him to my friends and family when they need to learn, as I have the utmost confidence that he will take care of them as well as he has taken care of me - 1st Class all the way. ”

Mikey with Driving test pass certificateMikey: ”Ghulam is an exceptional teacher, the best I ever had - calm, patient and I never once felt patronised or foolish for my (many, many) mistakes. I passed 1st time, thanks to Ghulam's vigorous training and wonderful ability to make you feel relaxed and keep you focused at the same time. I highly recommend him! ”

Bilal Miah with Driving test pass certificateBilal: ”I finally passed. I would like to give a big thank you to Ghulam. One of the best instructors I've had. He was very patient and enabled me to improve massively as a driver. He was respectful and very professional and would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you again. ”

Connie Chamberlayne with Driving test pass certificateConnie: ”Thanks to Ghulam's unwavering patience, care and instruction, I was able to pass my driving test first time! He is a wonderful tutor and I cannot recommend him high enough ”

Manuel with Driving test pass certificateManuel: ”Mr Ghulam is a very good Instructor he is patient and very calm and he teaching all the techniques we need to know I want to thank him for being patient with me so a Big thanks to Mr Ghulam ”

Patricja: ”I Passed First Time with 1st Class Driving!! I want to thank 1st Class Driving with such as amazing driving experience. I also want to thank Ghulam, who was my driving instructor, who never gave up on me and believed in me throughout the learner journey. He taught me everything I needed to know to be safe on the road with a calm, relaxing and bubbly attitude. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor and a brilliant company to do it with. I would highly recommend 1st Class to anyone who wants to learn how to drive. Once again, Thank you Ghulam and thank you 1st Class!! ”

Imdad with Driving test pass certificateImdad: ”Mr Ghulam is the best Instructor I had so far. His teaching techniques is really good.He focused on every single lesson. He is a wonderful, polite , punctual and friendly person. I am pleased to say he is a excellent instructor. I was not able to pass my practical test without him. I want to give Massive Thanks to Mr Ghulam & I Highly recommend Mr Ghulam. ”

Joshua: ”Ghulam has been an amazing instructor. From Day 1 he's always been extremely friendly and patient with my learning, which I lacked from my previous driving school. My lessons were always productive and constructive and I constantly felt like I was developing and getting better after every lesson with him. I would like to say a big thank you to him for teaching me how to be safe as well as confident on the road and helping me pass my driving test in Wood Green. ”

Ayhan with Driving test pass certificateAyhan: ”I had the best driving experience with Ghulam, one of the best intructors I ever had . Not even one of the best he is the best one i had, Ghulam is incredibly professional at his job made me feel safe and comfortable while I was driving. I was always myself next to him never pretended to be anyone else. His teaching techniques in driving is superb I feel so comfortable on the road because he made me believe in myself and i also gain trust in myself, however Ghulam never gave up on me always worked with me and his attitude towards work and the patient he had with me thats when I knew I can pass with this intructor and I did. Just want to say thank you to Ghulam and all his motivational work. ”

Jennifer with Driving test pass certificateJennifer: ”I just want to expressed how satisfied I was to have Ghulam as my driving instructor. I have had a instructor before him and have failed in the past, however I passed at my first attempt with Ghulam which I believe is down to the way he teaches, he focused on my weak points and helped me to get better at them he also ensured I was relaxed when driving. I also do believe he has helped me to become a better driver. I would recommend him to anyone. ”

Magda: ”Ghulam is an excellent instructor. He was very patient with me and never made me nervous. He was able to create friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Ghulam was very punctual and reliable. I was prepared well for my test and I passed it with only 4 minor faults. I highly recommend Ghulam to everyone! ”

Gabriella: ”Ghulam is a very good instructor. He teaches very well. I pass my test first time with him. Highly recommend!!!!!! ”

Nathaniel: ”Im very pleased to say that after having multiple lessons with driving instructor Ghulam i have successfully passed my test!! I found the lessons very focused yet at the same time pleasant and in the future I will definitely be recommending anyone I know he's way . Thank you 1st Class. ”

Charlie with Driving test pass certificateCharlie passed with Ghulam 1st Time

Hamza with Driving test pass certificateHamza passed with Ghulam

Timi with Driving test pass certificateTimi passed second time

Colin with Driving test pass certificateColin passed first time

Neslie with Driving test pass certificateNeslie passed with two minors

Lashai with Driving test pass certificateLashai passed with Ghulam

Maria with Driving test pass certificateMaria passed with 2 minors with Ghulam

Judamatayas with Driving test pass certificateJudamatayas passed test 1st time

Attiya with Driving test pass certificateAttiya passed test 1st time 4 minors

Mujahid with Driving test pass certificateMujahid passed test 1st time 2 minors

Yehuba with Driving test pass certificateYehuba passed 2nd time

Joshua with Driving test pass certificateJoshua passed test 1st time with no minors

Naomi with Driving test pass certificateNaomi passed 1st time with Ghulam

Sophie with Driving test pass certificateSophie passed her test 1st time with Ghulam

Umar with Driving test pass certificateUmar passed with Ghulam

Henrietta with Driving test pass certificateHenrietta passed 1st time with Ghulam

Dominik with Driving test pass certificateDominick passed 1st time with Ghulam