Automatic Driving lessons in Sutton

Ed teaches in an Automatic car providing Driving lessons in Sutton, Wallington and surrounding areas


Age: 50’s

Car: Renault Clio

Experience: 15 years

Personal Profile: Hard working, thorough, professional, good sense of humour.




Driving lessons DaytimeOur daytime rates cover lessons starting before 5pm (1700) on weekdays. Evening & WeekendOur Evening/Weekend rates apply to any lessons starting at 5pm (or later) and at any times on weekends or Bank Holidays.
1st Lesson 900
Automatic 30.00 32.00
10 Lessons
6 Week course An Ideal beginners course - 2/3 lessons per week over a period of 6-9 weeks (depending on the test lead times in your area).
We book your theory test for you at the start so that you are studying alongside taking driving lessons. This course can be designed as a beginners course but we do recommend booking an assessment lesson first to get an accurate idea of how many lessons you will actually need.
The course cost includes:
- Your theory test
- Your Practical Driving Test for a weekday test
- 16 one hour lessons - booked daytime or evening
- Your pre-test lesson & use of our car on test
The advantage of this course is that we have the time for other lessons if needed before your test.
Pass Plus courseHighlight the Pass Plus Logo for full details
Intensive courses Intensive/ Crash courses - normally 5 hours per day & can be run over 2, 3, or 5 days.
The 5 day course is one week long start Monday finish Friday & we book your test for the following week, 2 & 3 day courses are similar where we try to book your test on the day following the course.
These courses are ideal for anyone that needs to pass quickly.
DaytimeOur daytime rates cover lessons starting before 5pm (1700) on weekdays. Evening & WeekendOur Evening/Weekend rates apply to any lessons starting at 5pm (or later) and at any times on weekends or Bank Holidays.
5 hour£213.99
10 hour
15 hour
20 hour
25 hour
30 hour
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Lisa with Driving test pass certificateLisa: ”I have just passed my test last Thursday. I passed for the first time and with only 2 minors!! Ed was my instructor, he is amazing! I had previously learnt with another driving instructor who had made me lose lots of confidence behind the wheel, but Ed completely changed that! He gave me confidence again! He is a BRILLIANT instructor. He is ALWAYS on time, always gives great feedback and is very calm. Thank you so much Ed you really are the best!! ”

Sandra: ”:He is a fantastic teacher with tonnes of patience. He has a great personality and makes a scarey experience fun. Ed was the second instructor I've used as I didn't click with my first one. Ed gave me the confidence to keep going. I lacked confidence but he got be there. Been especially difficult time with all these lockdowns. I'd highly recommend Ed to anyone, he's a 1st class diamond. Thank you Ed we did it, team effort. ”

Kelly: ”: I have been having driving lessons with Ed and i passed my driving test with 1 minor. Ed has been a great support and had helped to develop my confidence in driving so much. He makes you feel so comfortable when driving and makes you feel really relaxed. I also enjoyed my lessons and knew that even if i did make a mistake he would guide me into correcting it. Never did i think i would pass my test with only 1 minor...that is all down to Ed i would highly recommend him ”

Virag: ”I just passed my driving test at first attempt with only 3 minors!! This would have been unbelievable to me a year ago as I had been scared of driving,lacking self confidence. Thanks so much to Ed for teaching me everything, focusing on improving my weaknesses, bearing with me, and having a great chat as well. Also, he is very reliable and never once was late or cancelled on me. I totally recommend him to anyone learning on an automatic! Thanks again Ed, it was an amazing feeling to pass first time! ”

Eleanor: ”I've been having lessons with Ed since June after my old driving instructor left me. Ed has been kind, patient and reassuring. Ed also gives good feedback and always tells me what areas I can improve on. I always feel comfortable and calm when driving with Ed. I will definitely be recommending Ed to everyone I know. ”

Danielle: ”Thank you so much to Ed my driving instructor. I was so nervous before my test today and he made me feel at ease and get my confidence up. Would defo recommend anyone who is thinking of learning to drive to go with Ed. He is calm and patient. He makes driving fun. ”

Ayan: ”Ed was a great instructor, he was really calm and patient. He was always on time, in fact he was never late and sometimes would arrive early. If you’re going to have an instructor go for Ed because you won’t regret it! ”

Sahil: ”Really lovely guy as well being a funny instructor. Ed was a good instructor and with him I managed to pass first time thanks to him and the help that he gave me ”

Kisu: ” I just passed today in a most dramatic way with only 2 minors!!!!! My instructor Ed is the best to learn with. He is very very punctual (actually he was never late), funny person who makes you feel oh so comfortable while trying to learn something which you never thought you could. I wouldn’t fault Ed in anyway because he’s the best of the best !!!!! Will miss having him on the side chatting away :( thank you so much Ed !!!!!!!!!!!! ”

Yvonne with Driving test pass certificateYvonne: ”I would like to say that Ed as an instructor was amazing he was very patient with me and taught me so much he knew a was nervous. So spoke calmly and clearly I would highly recommend Ed in the future ”

Banan: ” I would like to thank Ed for his exceptional effort to give me the confidence I needed to pass the driving test. My learning curve was going up exponentially with Ed as he is someome who knows what is what. He is always on time and never cancelled a lesson. He is also flexible person to deal with and he is friendly with a good sense of humour. Thanks again Ed. ”

Aditi: ” A very big thank you for making me feel confident to drive. Very patient, calm ,punctual and friendly approach with highly skillful teaching techniques! Step by step approach with minute details made me confident after every lesson. I wouldn't have passed without you.Thank you so much! I would recommend you to everyone!”

Sachithra: ” I would just like to say a massive thank you to Ed my driving instructor. He has been a brilliant teacher and I passed my driving test first time. He helped me to be more confident on the road and is a really friendly and funny .I will recommend him to anyone wanting to learn in an automatic. Thank you so much! ”

Sarah: ”Thank you Ed for the excellent, high quality lessons! Thanks to your outstanding instruction, I passed my driving test on my first try! Very friendly yet professional and have already recommended to a friend. ”

Zoe: ”Ed was a fantastic driving instructor. I passed my driving test first time in June this year and with only one minor!! Ed was always on time and always met with a friendly yet professional attitude. Very good driving instructor would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn how to drive. Thanks Ed! ”

Antony: ”Absolutely fantastic guy just passed this morning with him he’s been more like a friend teaching me than an instructor would recommend anyone whom wants to drive auto then Ed’s is your man ”

Nadia: ” I passed my driving thanks to Ed. He is very kind, full of enthusiasm, and full of patience. I highly recommend Ed as your driving instructor! Thanks Ed! ”

Priya: ” Huge thanks to Ed for being very patient with me. Ed is a incredibly professional, supportive and enthusiastic instructor. He helped give me confidence as a driver. He gave good techniques to improve my driving. I would highly recommend him. ”

Natalie: ” Passed 1st time!! Highly recommend him to teach automatic driving. He's very patient, professional, and always on time. He always gives you constructive feedback to ensure you can improve your skills. Also has a great sense of humour to make driving more relaxed and calm! Thank you so much Ed! ”

Shopna: ” Thanks to Ed's amazing lessons, I was able to pass my driving test. He is really reassuring and calming when teaching. His approach is very professional whilst comfortable at the same time. He manages to always be on time and sometimes he arrives early which gives us both time to settle in before the lesson begins. Grateful for you Ed, thank you very much! ”

Rawan: ” Just passed my driving test first time. Couldn't recommend Ed more. I was never nervous when driving as I knew no matter how bad my mistakes were, he will be able to correct it and control the situation, which is very reassuring. Always on time, never late. In addition, it was good to have nice conversations on the go. Ed is very experienced and professional; he can easily tailor his teaching to suit the pupil's needs and focus more on the mistakes that he/she usually makes. Thank you very much! ”

Douglas: ”Ed was very patient with me and gentle in correcting me throughout the driving lessons. He helped build my confidence to pass the test first time ever with 1st Class driving lcompany. Thanks ”

Emma: ”Initially I was an incredibly nervous driver, but Ed helped me find confidence within driving with his endless patience and support. We were able to have conversations and jokes which built a sense of comfort and trust with Ed, making him the perfect instructor. Thank you very much! ”

Rita: ”I passed 1st time, I still can’t believe it. Thank you very much Ed and first class Sutton, you people are amazing. I built my confidence with Ed, we had a good laugh and he was always on time, Ed is never late. He really taught me well and boost my confidence. If you really want to pass, try Ed and you won’t regret it. ”

Shampa: ”Today I passed my driving test and all credit goes to Ed as a good instructor. For those who are first time learners, he helps them to keep fear free and grow confidence. Ed is very punctual and friendly person. I was so happy to take my lessons with him. Thank you Ed for your patience. ”

Mina: ”Ed has been a really good instructor, always a pleasure to be around and on time. Very helpful and supportive and always up for a good laugh! My driving experience was made a lot easier thanks to Ed! ”

Amie: ”I can’t thank my driving instructor ed enough he is truly amazing I’ve had my fair share of Instrutors and Ed was my favourite I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn in an automatic ”

Charlie: ”Ed has always been top quality. Flexible hours, will go out of his way to suit you. Provides consistent and good instruction but without hand-holding, meaning that you can actually learn to drive your car competently and independently. Always fair with his critique. Will remind you of your major errors without making you feel bad about them. Consistent good feedback. Has helped two of my family pass their exam, and I would recommend him to anyone. ”

Anita: ”Best driving instructor ever really patient. Always surported me thought me a lot .I highley recommed Ed ”

Indu: ”I have got the driving licence today and passed with only 4 minor faults. I give the whole credit to Ed for being so supportive and understanding through out my learning. Situation was that when I left my previous instructor I was in a impression that I will never be able to learn driving or I am not meant for it. As I belongs to a non- English speaking country it will be difficult for me understand the accent and then respond while driving but Ed started putting me at ease while lessons as I get nervous very easily. He is understanding and thanks for bearing with me Ed. I will give 10/10 to Ed and will recommend him to anyone. Hurray that I got pass and will be good driver on the road... bye. ”

Zouman: ” Ed explains everything in such a way that driving doesn’t seem to be a hard thing at all. You can learn very fast from him. Unlike other instructors that teach the theory first in the lesson and then let you drive, Ed doesn’t waste your time and gives very clear instructions while you are on the road. ”

Annabel: ” I would highly recommend Ed as a driving instructor. Ed helped build my confidence up again after I had failed a couple of times in a manual. He is a fantastic instructor who is incredibly patient, calm, always on time and made the lessons fun! His method of teaching is a straight forward, simple approach which has left me confident to go on the road alone. Thanks again to Ed as I passed first time in an automatic! ”

Kirstie: ”Passed first time! I'd had bad experiences with a couple of other instructors but Ed was patient and reliable. Would definitely recommend. Thanks Ed! ”

Cony: ” Passed the test for the first time!I'm so happy and grateful.Thank's to Ed,my instructor.Thank you for your guidance and help.Giving me confidence until the last minute lesson.Great teacher and passionate.Highly recommended! Many thank's Ed! ”

Jess: ”I would like to say thank you to Ed for being so patient to me. He is a really good and very patient instructor. He helped me boost my confidence in driving. He is a very jolly and funny person which will make you at ease and you won’t feel the nerves while driving. I can understand why I have a lot of friends who recommends him. And I will definitely recommend him to my other friends too. Thank you Ed. Pleasure to have chosen you as my instructor. ”

Ellie with Driving test pass certificateEllie: ”I passed first time! so happy, All thanks to Ed who was my instructor! Ed was very patient and calm. Which made my driving experience brilliant Highly recommend Ed Many thanks, again Ellie”

Richard: ”The truth is I can only repeat what others have already said, Ed is funny but serious when it counts and gave me the confidence to pass my test .Thanks Ed ”

Jen: ”Thank you Ed for all your patience, support and understanding. I would never have believed I was ready to go out on main roads let alone pass my test first time, if it wasn't for you! Somehow you managed to make the roads less intimidating, giving me the confidence I lacked at the beginning. You made learning to drive fun ! All the best ”

Richard: ”Ed was absolutely fantastic. In 26 hours of lessons I went from never having been behind the wheel to a first time pass. Ed was friendly and patient, as well as punctual for every lesson. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor and would highly recommend him to anyone. ”

Niufar: ”I had my test today and I passed thanks to the excellent tips and instructions from Ed. Lessons were very clear and easy to understand. I started off very nervous in my driving but built up more confidence due to the encouragement from Ed. I would highly recommend Ed as an instructor. Thank you so much! ”

Amena: ” I’m very thankful to Ed as I passed on my 1st try! I was really unconfident when I first started, but Ed was patient and very encouraging as he taught. He’s my first driving teacher so I can’t compare him to others, however I would highly recommend him as anyone’s teacher. ”

Michela: ” Highly recommend Ed, as a driving instructor. I passed my test first time with only 7 lessons, progressive instruction that makes it almost impossible to fail your test , friendly, very patient and had confidence in me. Thank you very much Ed. ”

Matt: ”I booked 15 hours with Ed having already booked my test in 5 weeks time. Ed knew I was nervous and calmed me down with ease. Not only is he a very good instructor he is a nice guy. Good at his job and very easy to get on with. I would recommend Ed to anyone wanting to learn in an auto. Thanks Ed i passed 1st time thanks to you ”

Mario: ”Wow. What an awesome feeling to pass my driving test on the first try. I can't thank Ed enough for helping me achieve this milestone. He was very thorough, motivating, firm in getting the basics right and a solid influence to get better with every lesson. I made the best choice when "Suave" Ed became my Instructor and I'm sure he'll help many more.Top marks Ed, I am forever grateful. ”

Kike: ”I Passed my test with Ed finally!!! he's very patient, professional, patient, with a great sense of humour, am glad I chose Ed ”

Andrew: ”He has been helpful, on time, nice and amazing since the first day. Made sure that I was happy and continued ant my speed and I wouldn't of been able to pass first time withought him. Amazing person. ”

Pauline: ”I would like to say a big thanks to Ed. I passed my test on Tuesday first time! While he was teaching me he was patient, kind and sooo funny. I had an instructor before him that I didn't like, but lessons went from something I dreaded to something I looked forward too. Even when I was a nervous wreck in the waiting room at the test centre he was great. Thanks so much Ed, I couldn't of done it with out you and I'd recommend Ed to anyone that wants to learn auto. ”

Ken: ” Ed is a very good driving instructor that gave me the confidence to pass my test. His attention to detail is amazing, and I believe he taught me much more than what the examiners look for. In my lessons with him, he unlocked the secrets of proper driving. He also made me appreciate many aspects of driving and the highway code. ”

Mags: ” I've passed my test today and Ed was my instructor. Words can't explain how happy I am and how much I owe to Ed and his techniques. He's the most patient and easy going guy I have ever met. He's nice and explains everything so easily and clear. I will definitely miss him while driving and his funny sense of humor. If you're nervous or feeling anxious and looking for right instructor, Ed is the one!!! If I can rate him, he's 5 stars and 5 is the top score. Thank you Ed I will always be grateful for helping me pass and giving me back my confidence.X ”

Carol: ”Passed first time today and I owe it big time to Ed. He taught me everything I know about driving and I could not have picked a better instructor than him. He managed to build up my confidence by being very patient, always encouraging and positive. He gives clear instructions that make the learning of the different driving techniques and maneouvres easier to learn. He has a great sense of humour and is always cheerful making every lesson with him a delight. It was a pleasure learning how to drive with Ed and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an automatic driving instructor. ”

Chandry: ”I was not very confident on the road in the beginning, even though I had a couple of lessons before driving with Ed. Ed made it easier for me, by starting in the back roads, teaching me the basics before heading out on to the main road. He explained everything clearly, allowing me to pick things up very quickly. I had good lessons and sometimes I had bad lessons but Ed always managed to encourage me, even when I made minor mistakes. Ed is an amazing instructor and has a lot of patience I will highly recommend Ed if you want to learn automatic. I managed to pass my practical test 1st Time! And that's only with Ed's Help. Thank you Ed. ”

Bernice: ”Ed is very nice and easy going, he explains things well and he made me feel comfortable. He praised me when I did something well and didn't make me feel bad when I made a mistake, just calmly gave me advice on how to improve. He also helped me to practice the things that I was nervous about, such as roundabouts. He helped my confidence a lot and I think that's is what helped me to pass my test first time! ”

George: ”Ed helped me pass first time through some personable techniques! He is very easy going and treats you like a friend and not a pupil. Lessons were fun and you could tell that Ed really enjoyed his job which worked well for me. He has some easy methods that once picked up will never be forgotten. Thanks so much! ”

Georgia: ”I learned automatic with Ed. He was a great person to be in the car with, he was patient, made me feel at ease and I was able to pass my test first time!! I really enjoyed my weekly lessons with him. I am really grateful I was able to have Ed as my instructor - I would highly recommend him if you want to learn automatic. ”

Charmaine: ”I would highly recommend Ed as a driving instructor. After having previous instructors I can definitely say that Ed is one of the better people and well worth learning to drive with! He is patient, funny, calm and has many years of experience so knows his stuff. He helped me to build my confidence in driving and made lessons interesting and relaxed. Thank you Ed for helping me to pass! ”

Samer: ” I just had my practical driving test on Thursday and I passed from the 1st time! This is primarily thanks to Ed. Ed is very punctual, professional, knows what he is doing and more importantly quite diligent in the lesson. He gives very detailed and clear instructions and keeps on repeating those to stick! Thank you Ed. Worth noting that I have only been living in UK for a year and before that I used to drive in a totally different system, laws, ...etc. ”

Emily: ”Just wanted to leave some feedback for Ed; I cannot believe I am a qualified driver! First time I passed my test and I dont think I would of done it without him! I highly recommend Ed, I have already told all my friends and family. Fantastic! Best instructor! ”

Kelly: ”I passed first time thanks to my brillant instructor Ed. He made me feel very relaxed & built up my confidence in my lessons. I couldn't have done it without his support. Highly recommend him. Thanks again Ed ”

Tony: ” Great instructor, nice and passionate guy, would do his best to get you pass. ”

Ronald: ” 1st try and got it... thanks Ed... if your looking for an efficient and warm hearted instructor, this is the guy for you... ”

Stacey: ” I DID IT!!! And first time I must add.. An all because I had the best instructor ever ed.. He is amazing.. He is friendly & very good at his job.. He is easy to talk to an makes every lesson enjoyable.. But it's not all fun an laughter he is a wicked teacher.. He speaks and explains things on a level he knows you would understand & he drums it in so you won't forget.. Even to the last few minutes before my test started he was so lovely , he is very reassuring an teaching comes naturally to him... I honestly don't think I would of passed first time if he wasn't my instructor... I am truly greatful... would highly recommend him to anyone... Thanks again ed ”

Anush: ”I would like to give the biggest thank you to my instructor Ed for helping me pass my driving test today. I wouldn't have been able to do it without him. He was very patient with me and made me feel relaxed from start to finish, I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks again Ed. ”

Jasmin: ”I wanna say a big thank you Ed I pass my test 1st time today and I wouldn't have been able to do it without Ed hes the best driving instructor out there I would definitely recommend him to anyone and everyone he drums everything into your head so there's no forgetting what he has taught me and most of all he had good faith in me also. If your looking for a perfect instructor Ed is the man... Thank you ed so much God bless you. Xxx ”

Georgia: ” I would just like to say a big thank you to Ed. He is such an amazing instructor and enabled me to pass my test. He is very punctual and helped me gain confidence when driving. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to take automatic lessons. Thank you so much!! ”

Sam: ” I passed 1st test at Sutton 7oct 2015.my instructor is Ed.He is a nice guy ,all his tips are very helpful in test.he is doing due diligence during the lessons always focusing on teaching. thanks to him. ”

Kimberley: ”Well what can I say I don't think i would of ever passed first time if it wasn't for Ed. Being slightly nervous from previous bad instructor's I felt so much better and more comfortable being behind the wheel of a car with Ed. He explained thing's easy and was just a very professional and easy person to drive with. Thanks so much ed best instructor ever! ”

Shanice: ” A big thank you to the most amazing driving instructor Ed, for teaching me everything I know about driving and helping me to pass my driving test. Ed explains everything thoroughly and his friendly and funny personality helps to make you feel at ease from the very beginning. He never failed to make me smile. I was a really nervous driver but Ed was always calm and patient with me. He helped me not to dwell on any mistakes I made and boosted my confidence every step of the way. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better instructor, So if your looking to learn on an automatic with an instructor who's punctual, supportive and a pleasure to drive with, definitely pick Ed. ”

Amanda: ” I would just like to say a massive thank you to Ed my driving instructor. He has been a brilliant teacher and I passed my driving test first time. He helped me to be more confident on the road and is a really friendly and funny guy. I will recommend him to anyone wanting to learn in an automatic. Thank you so much! ”

Ayrsha: ”I passed my practical test first time with Ed. Ed is very punctual, patient, thorough and positive. The lessons were always enjoyable with him; he has a very good sense of humour. If we add his experience to all of these, I felt I was in safe hands. And passing the test first time proved that. Thank you so much Ed for being such a support. ”

Kudirat: ” I am so happy, that after my superb lesson with Ed ( auto) , I passed my practical test on first attempt excellently. In first class driving school, Ed is number 1. I am recommending first class driving school to everybody looking for a result oriented driving school. ”

Manjiri: ” I would like to thank Ed for making me successful in my driving. He is very punctual , good at his job , friendly. It was a good experience working with him. Definitely recommend him if anyone is joining 1st class driving. Thank you so much Ed. ”

Daphne: ”Just passed my driving test with a "BIG" thank you to Ed for being patient and a very good driving instructor. Gained my confidence and I am so happy. He is highly recommended, funny and very professional. Thank you so much. ”

Hannah: ”Thank you so much Ed....Ed was a really good instructor, always believed in me and gave me a lot of confidence. I would recommend him anytime. Thank you so much. ”

Sabrina: ”ED is the best instructor!! If you want someone that will build your confidence and make you a driver then pick ED. Today I passed first time! And I only had around 30 lessons. When I first started my lessons I was such a negative person even wanted to quit at one point but ED was there to build up my confidence and encourage me that I could do it. So after a firm and encouraging talking to I put all negativity aside and started to think positive because deep down I knew I could do it, and today I proved myself right by passing first time! So a big thank you goes out to ED for having the patience with me. I really will miss him and who ever decides to book him as a instructor will be very lucky. I will recommend him to anyone that wants to take lessons and become and great driver. ”

Amber: ”I am really happy as I passed my test first time. i had been with other company's and different instructors and could not find one I like, so i tried 1st class driving and I really liked my instructor Ed I would recommend him to any one. he made me feel comfortable and relaxed when driving and gave me confidence. so thank you. ”

Donna: ”A massive thankyou to Ed, such a fantastic instructor I passed first time. Ed was always patient never let me down and I always felt comfortable and enjoyed all my lessons x all the best Ed x Donna x ”

Soot: ”A massive thanks to Ed for teaching me how to drive! I passed my driving test first time with his professional and fun lessons. I was a nervous learner but he explained everything clearly and the lessons were always relaxing. He is always punctual to the lessons and a very positive instructor! I am looking to do pass plus with him too now that I have passed! I definitely recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive. Thanks again, Ed! ”

Charmaine: ”I was a nervous learner and Ed was incredibly thorough and patient. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I passed first time and would not have done so without his help. I have had other teachers and he was the best by far.”

Merlinda: ”A heartful thank you to Ed for all your help, support and so much encouragement. He made me some pointers to review to fully understand and apply into practice . He showed, and delivered of professionalism during my lesson. I highly recommend him for being such an excellent driving instructor. ”

Olamide with Driving test pass certificateOlamide Faleye: ”Excellent instructor explained things thoroughly and clearly, very patient. Helped me pass 1st time smoothly. If your looking for a great driving instructor ed's the man.”

Natasha Allchurch: ”I recently passed my driving test first time and owe it to Ed. He immediately made me feel at ease from day one by conducting his lessons in a laid back but professional manner. He made the lessons fun but informative and we would always have a laugh with one another whilst I was still learning the fundamental skills needed in order to be a safe driver. If anyone is thinking about doing lessons in an automatic then I would definitely recommend Ed as your instructor”

Ash Mohite: ”Just passed my practical test with Ed at 1st class Driving School! A huge thank you to my instructor Ed who taught me extremely well and helped me develop the confidence needed to pass. Would definitely recommended Ed to any first time driver as I am someone who truly started from scratch. I found Ed to be a professional, patient and knowledgeable instructor. Ed always encouraged me to achieve the best that I could without pushing me too hard or making me feel that I was out of my depth. His training techniques are very professional and helpful and he always explains things in full and in a way that makes it easy to learn and remember. I had a really enjoyable time learning but even more happy that I've passed. Thank you Ed! ”

Shawdelle: ”I first started out doing manual but found it not to be for me, so I looked into automatic lessons. I came across Ed's profile and was really impressed at the amount of good reviews he had. I wanted an instructor who I could feel comfortable with as I had found previous instructors to be a bit cold and clinical. Thankfully after starting my lessons, I found that I had made the right choice, he was very friendly and so calm, which boosted my confidence and is exactly what you need in a teacher. Needless to say within a couple of months I passed my test, so thank you Ed. I would highly recommend him if automatic is the road you choose to go down. ”

Linda: ”Ed is reliable and always on time for my lesson and I always look forward to our lesson.He is patient and knows what he is doing.He is experienced and thanks to him I passed the first time.Thanks Ed and all the best. ”

Afsana: ”Ed is a brilliant driving instructor. He was efficient and professional, patient, calm and also very friendly with a great sense of humour. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Ed and the whole experience was relaxed and enjoyable. I would highly recommend him to others. ”

Linda: ”Ed was punctual and honest. I enjoyed every lesson and he made me feel comfortable as well. He knows what he is doing and he doesn't make you lose your confidence. He is very patient and thanks to him I passed the first time. I will recommend him to everyone.Thanks Ed and all the best. ”

Scott Peele: ”I passed my practical driving test on the 13th and its Ed that I had for a driving instructor. A real professional top guy down to earth he made it a pleasure. I looked forward to every lesson with ed and I cannot thank him enough. I never thought I could do it and I know I could have not without him. I am so happy and owe it all to Ed - he made me feel relaxed and took all the worry out of driving lessons all the way to the test. I really do miss my driving lessons now I have passed and know anyone would. He's a top bloke, have lessons with him - you wont get a better Instructor - that's a fact. ”

Billy with Driving test pass certificateBilly: ” I passed my practical driving test today, and the single most important reason behind my success story is my driving instructor Ed who is simply amazing! Ed has a natural teaching ability that is unmatched. I had three other instructors before, and I never felt I made any significant progress until I finally decided to take lessons from Ed, and what a difference he made! Clear, concrete and sensible explanations, incredible patience and a great sense of humour as well as a genuine personality which made me feel so comfortable and at ease all the time. He achieved what seemed like the impossible, and gradually helped me to gain confidence in my skills and competencies as a driver. I am gonna be eternally grateful to Ed, as I honestly don't think I could pass with any other instructor! ”

Adelaide Kuvodu: ”ED is very experienced and patient. He made me feel very comfortable behind the wheels and learning was easy with clear instructions. He is very supportive and always on time. His lessons are fun and enjoyable. Leaning with ED was a fantastic experience and I would recommend ED to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Thanks ED GOD bless ”

Ekta: ”Ed is an excelent instructor.He really gave me the much needed confidence in driving. I was never sure if I'd ever pass my driving test, but " I Passed 1st time" He is a thorough professional, very punctual with a great sense of humour. I would recommend Ed to anyone who is interested in learning to drive the right way. Thank you Ed for all your hard work.... I really appreciate it. ”

Aron Medroso: ”ED! Thank you so much for helping me to pass my Driving test. First Time!I couldn`t have done it without you, owe you big time!Keep up your excellent teaching as it is the best thing you can give to your students.Thank you again... ”

Sheila Shae: ” I'm glad I chose Ed as my driving instructor as he helped me pass my test. He is a hardworking and dedicated man, true to his word he got me through. I was so nervous then, he calmed me down and i appreciate everything he has done for me. This was one of the things I wanted to acheive in life and thanks to him I have done so. I can't think of any other words to say apart from thank you very much. ”

Dannika Anderson: ”Ed, is a brilliant driving instructor. He is very positive, relaxed, enthusiastic, supportive & general makes you feel comfortable in every lesson. I would recommend anyone to Ed, as I know they will have great end results! ”

Charlotte Umunna: ” I must say that I have enjoyed every driving lesson with Ed. He is always punctual and enthusiastic. He helped me with a lot of anxieties I had about driving and passed first time. Would like to say a big thank you to Ed and would recommend anyone to choose him as an instructor. ”

Stacy Grey: ”Having spent 3 months learning to drive, Ed was excellent at boosting my confidence and enabling me to take the final step of taking my test. Ed's teaching technique is thorough, positive, honest and when need he was firm. Thanks Ed - because of all your hard work I've passed my practical test first time...Thank you, your the best!!!! ”

Robert Sinclair: ”The best driving instructor you could have, I passed first time and he made learning to drive quick, easy and enjoyable. Highly recommended! ”

Claire Sheridan:I passed 1st time! Ed explained things clearly, made lessons enjoyable and is better than my previous instructor”

Kate Hammond: “ Ed is very good, patient, supportive and I passed 1st time. I’ve recommended him to lots of my friends and family.”

Husnah Bhatti:Superb, explains things very well. Reassured and supported me.”

Brian with Driving test pass certificateBrian with pass certificate

Amy with Driving test pass certificateAmy with pass certificate

Virag with Driving test pass certificateVirag with pass certificate

Danielle with Driving test pass certificateDanielle with pass certificate

Shekira with Driving test pass certificateShekira with pass certificate

 Jamie with Driving test pass certificateJamie with pass certificate

 Charlie with Driving test pass certificateCharlie with pass certificate

 Michela with Driving test pass certificateMichela with pass certificate

 Matthew with Driving test pass certificateMatthew with pass certificate

 Ngozi with Driving test pass certificateNgozi with pass certificate

 Korede with Driving test pass certificatePass for Korede with Ed

 Rosa with Driving test pass certificate1st time pass for Rosa with Ed

 Poonam with Driving test pass certificatePoonam passed with Ed

 Linda with Driving test pass certificate1st time pass for Linda with Ed

 Scott with Driving test pass certificate1st time pass for Scott with Ed

 Mo with Driving test pass certificateMo passed his Driving test with Ed

 Cleopatra with Driving test pass certificateCleopatra passed her Driving test with Ed

 Sharena with Driving test pass certificateSharena passed her Driving test with Ed

 Zale with Driving test pass certificateZale passed his Driving test with Ed

 Anthony with Driving test pass certificateAnthony passed his Driving test with Ed

 Navaid with Driving test pass certificateNavaid passed his Driving test with Ed

 Adelaide with Driving test pass certificateAdelaide passed her Driving test with Ed

 Gabriella with Driving test pass certificateGabriella passed her Driving test with Ed